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The benefits of alternative dispute resolution  

Alternative dispute resolution refers to the holding of a mediated session that allows the parties in dispute to work through their issues in the presence of a neutral third party.

This presents an opportunity for reconciliation and is often a good alternative to court. People often rush into the litigation process without considering mediation as an option.

When done correctly, alternative dispute resolution can provide numerous benefits to the parties in disagreement.  Read this article to find out how mediation can be a beneficial alternative!

The benefits of alternative dispute resolution  

Save time and money

This is a major benefit of mediation when you compare its average time and cost consumption to the average court case. The lengthy process of court can be troublesome and cause more stress than necessary.

The average ADR process can be scheduled within two weeks and takes less than a day to resolve. This drastically cuts financial costs.

Flexibility in outcomes

Alternative dispute resolution is far more flexible than a court judgement. It also provides a tailored experience to the parties involved.

Through mediation, each party can make their concerns and desires clearer to each other. Consequently, there is a possibly for collaboration when it comes to the agreed outcomes.

Mediation can result in more flexible and creative solutions than a court order has power to issue. If both parties are willing to be agreeable, a tailored result can occur which is beneficial to both people.

Keep private matters private

By going through a mediation process rather than a court process, parties are able to keep their private matters confidential. An alternative dispute resolution will only involve the parties in disagreement and a neutral third party.

Mediations are meant to be private and any information disclosed in your session will be kept confidential. Mediation is a good alternative if you don’t want to face the stress and pressure of attending court and having people observe your case.

Preserve relationships

Alternative dispute resolution gives you a chance to preserve the relationships you have and maintain civility. Going to court is a process that is troublesome and ultimately pits the parties against each other.

Through mediation, you have the chance to discuss your desires, needs, and concerns so that you can reach an agreement with the other party. This provides opportunities for collaboration and reconciliation.

Good outcomes

The benefits of alternative dispute resolution  

Mediation has a settlement rate of up to 85 per cent, so this is an outcome that can produce good outcomes.

It can be satisfying for parties to go through alternative dispute resolution as they are given a chance to be heard. The process is overall easier and less strenuous than court.

Mediation is a great way for you to resolve your disputed issues without having to take the matter to court!