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Taylor Swift says she was willing to cash out big to own her masters

Taylor Swift isn’t letting the issue with her masters be laid to rest that easy. The songstress recently made an uninhibited revelation about owning her work. Something that’s been the topic of much controversy after she publicly slammed Scooter Braun for seizing ownership of them in a Tumblr blog post.

In an interview with Billboard magazine, the singer/songwriter spoke up about the continuing battle to own her masters. Swift also emphasized how an artist’s rights to their own work should be protected.

“We need to think about how we handle master recordings, because this isn’t it,” the recently hailed Billboard’s Woman of the Decade said.

“I spent 10 years of my life trying rigorously to purchase my masters outright and was then denied that opportunity, and I just don’t want that to happen to another artist if I can help it.”

The singer detailed how her former manager Scott Borchetta and Braun did her dirty. By striking a deal to buy Big Machine Records from Borchetta, Braun managed to gain ownership of the Swift’s catalog.

“God, I would have paid so much for them!” Swift reveals. She previously mentioned that she was denied the chance to buy back her old music from the label. “Anything to own my work that was an actual sale option, but it wasn’t given to me.”

Swift solution to the problem? Re-recording her music which she says she will begin next year.

“It’ll feel like regaining a freedom and taking back what’s mine,” the Grammy award-winning singer said.