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Six reasons why paella catering is perfect for your party

Organising the food options at your upcoming event? Ever thought of serving up a paella share plate? A delicious, warm dish traditionally shared with friends and family, this Spanish dish is a great way to bring your guests together.

With great ingredients and an amazing flavour, paella is the next big thing in party catering. It’s something different and fun while being wholesome and familiar. And of course – it’s photo-worthy!

1.     It makes your party stand out

Serving up a dish with unique flavours and ingredients, paella catering is sure to satisfy your guests! A change from typical party catering, the traditional Spanish dish provides a fresh but welcoming element to your party’s palate.

With quality ingredients from fresh seafood to vegetables, the rice dish is a great food option that will delight and satisfy your guests’ stomachs. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a gathering with friends, Sydney’s best paella is a great addition to your party.

2.     Brings colour to your table spread

The characteristically colourful dish will brighten up your table spread and draw your guests’ attention! In the era of daily photo updates, who doesn’t love an aesthetic food shot? Paella catering is amazing for a good photograph – the vibrant colours of the dish make it visually appealing on top of being delicious!

Presented in a huge, circular platter and with colourful ingredients arranged on top, the Spanish dish will be a delight to your guests’ eyes as well as their taste buds!

3.     It’s healthy and versatile

With good, nutritious ingredients, the Spanish recipe will appease your guests with strict diets. It is diary and gluten free, and the versatility of the dish means that you can adjust its ingredients to accommodate allergies or dietary requirements.

With the option to choose different types of meat or have it vegetarian, paella catering is inclusive and allows you to tailor its menu to suit you and your guests.

4.     It engages your guests

To ensure the freshness of the dish, paella catering services often cook their food onsite. This can be a fun way to engage your guests and fascinate them with the process of cooking this magnificent dish. Even if you prefer the cooking is to be in a secluded area, the freshness of the dish is sure to be a hit with your guests.

5.     Suitable for all events

From corporate events to weddings, paella catering offers a great experience to your guests. The perfect combination of delicious and nutritious, this delightful piece of Spanish cuisine doesn’t sacrifice health for taste or vice versa.

With the option of customization, the saffron-flavoured dish is great for big events to ensure all your guests are able to enjoy the food. Vegetarian and vegan options allow you to ensure everyone is accounted for. Allergies can be accommodated simply by arranging a substitute with your caterer.

Paella catering is suited for events of multiple sizes. Depending on the amount of people at your event, your caterers can serve suitably sized dishes. With all the food cooked fresh at your event in large pans, you don’t have to worry about different serving times.

6.     No fuss, no mess

Worried about the clean-up and cooking? Don’t be! Your caterers will bring their own equipment to cook and serve the food up for your guests. The clean-up is easy and your caterer can handle it with ease – leaving you to focus your attention on the event and being with your guests.

The fragrance and flavour of the dish is a great way to brighten up your event through food. Sydney paella catering services are perfect for your upcoming event!