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Singer/songwriter Amalia Kadis lifts spirits with her groovy music

Throughout the COVID pandemic, the ‘new normal’ has meant that the entertainment industry has been forced to change in many ways. With live performances being cancelled or changed beyond recognition, many artists have retreated and delayed their plans to release music in 2020.

Amalia Kadis, however, is a singer/songwriter who has not allowed the pandemic to dampen her spirits or put her career on hold. She is unique in that many of her most loyal fans have discovered her music while they were in lockdown, being uplifted by the groovy vibes of her music.

Her first full-length electro-dance track Dry Under The Sun was released just as it appeared the pandemic was going to be the status quo for the foreseeable future. This was no doubt an uncertain time for any artist to release music, but Amalia Kadis saw that people needed to hear something new.

Shortly after the release of Dry Under The Sun, Kadis released her next single titled Goodbye, which featured the stellar EDM production skills of DJ REDD. The track has a really upbeat club vibe to it and reminds listeners of times when they could go out to nightclubs and dance their worries away.

The artist has continued to release several other tracks throughout 2020 so far. She’s managed to both inspire and entertain tens of thousands of listeners on her Spotify, which continues to grow rapidly with every new song released.

Amalia Kadis

Following the release of hit singles Love Me and Crazy About You, Kadis released her debut album I Found You. Featuring 11 tracks, one of which is a remix of the titular track I Found You, the album has been adored by fans and new listeners alike.

I Found You was initially scheduled to drop at the end of September, but Kadis decided to spend a little more time perfecting it and moved the release of the album to October 1st (01/10). You can listen to the full album on Spotify here.