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5 signs you should try online marriage counselling

No romantic partnership is a cakewalk – it takes commitment, patience, and compassion to really share your life with someone and have it be a positive life decision for both of you. Unfortunately, many relationships that start out rosy can deteriorate into patterns that are destructive and undermine the feelings you have for each other.

Below we will take a look at 5 signs you may want to engage to an online marriage counselling to help preserve and improve your relationship.

1.    You aren’t communicating honestly

According to Bayside Psychotherapy it’s common to hear people say “communication is key” in any relationship, but this is something that is notorious for being easier said than done. Communication is useless if it is reduced to yelling and having the same arguments over and over again – at this point, you need to expand your communication to include something like online marriage counselling.

If you start keeping secrets from each other and choose to bury issues instead of solving them, resentment will build. Also, issues are never truly buried, since you and your partner might bring up past grievances during an argument and it will spiral into something far worse.

2.    Your intimacy life has suffered

If it feels like you are more roommates than lovers and aren’t kissing or cuddling like you used to, it’s a sign online marriage counselling might be necessary to work out what is blocking you. If you really can’t be intimate with your partner or aren’t attracted to them anymore, it might be kinder to end the relationship than continue lying to each other.

3.    Addiction is affecting your relationship

Another sign you may benefit from online marriage counselling is when one or both of you have substance addiction or have problematic behaviours that distract from your relationship. If your partner has become drug or alcohol dependant since you got together, it’s a clear indication something is very wrong to drive them into that behaviour.

Even things like pornography can become an unhealthy addiction, especially if a partner is using it to get the satisfaction you can’t provide. Over-indulging in things that provide a sense of relief is a sign you need online marriage counselling since you shouldn’t need to rely on those things in a healthy partnership.

4.    Trust has been damaged or broken

The breakdown of trust in a relationship isn’t just about cheating and infidelity, it can happen in a lot of different ways. When you start lying you your partner for fear of their reaction, it means a breakdown in communication which means you should give online marriage counselling a try.

Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose, sometimes impossible to truly get back. While a partner might forgive your infidelity, they will never forget it and can’t trust you as wholly as they once did.

5.    Children are being affected

If you have children and the problems in your relationship are affecting them then its another sign you should engage online marriage counselling to get some help. Innocent children should not be the victims of their parent’s disagreements and petty arguments – think of them and their happiness as they pay close attention to what you and your partner say and do.

Hopefully the above has shown you some signs that marriage counselling may be necessary.