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Signs that your stomach health is out of balance

Stomach health is an emerging trend in nutrition at the moment. Your stomach is a home for the microbiomes in your body which make up a mini ecosystem of bacteria.

Now you’re thinking there’s bacteria living in my body this is bad how do I get rid of it! It’s the opposite though as your body has good bacteria that keeps you healthy. If the balance of good and bad bacteria in your stomach is skewed you will notice some obvious signs.

Signs that your stomach health is out of balance

You’re getting sick every other week

The microbiomes in our stomach act similarly to our immune system. They protect the body from pathogens that could lead to viruses or diseases. The ecosystem in your stomach creates a compound that supresses pathogens, almost like putting the potential viruses into a coma so they can’t function.

A low immune system could stem from a lot of different things but a common possibility is that your stomach health has been affected and is telling the rest of your body.

Butterflies in your stomach

Not to be confused with the feeling of excitement but rather you experience weird feelings constantly. Researchers have stated that there is a strong connection between our brains and stomachs with some suggesting a second brain like organ being connected to it. Hence why you have a “gut feeling” when something isn’t right.

Due to the strong connection researchers have proposed that people suffering from anxiety and depression have an altered ecosystem of bacteria in their stomachs.

The runs

Having more bad bacteria compared to the good in your stomach could leave you with diarrhoea. The bad bacteria can escalate the growth of toxins and inflammation in your stomach. Apart from that bad takeout food that you got the other night, poor stomach health could be a reason your running tot the toilet more than often.

No movement at the station

If you are suffering from constipation it could also be linked to your stomach health. Poor diet with low fibre and an upset with your bacteria can have you backed up. If this sounds all too similar consider shifting your diet or seeking medical attention to get the schedule back in order.

You’re struggling to lose weight

Signs that your stomach health is out of balance

Research has shown that there are distinct differences in the bacteria of individuals who are obese and those who are of a healthy weight. However when they altered their diet and started exercising the bacteria started to change to mimic those that were found in leaner individuals. Now while the link between stomach health and weight is still speculation from a scientific approach, the results do promote the theory.