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Shania Twain talks Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow’s 1997 scandal

Canadian singer Shania Twain weighed in on the scandal that shook Hollywood back in 1997.

Twain spoke to Entertainment Tonight after kicking off her Las Vegas residency shows. During the interview, You’re Still the One songstress told the outlet that she’s waiting for Brad Pitt to come backstage. Back in 1997, Pitt was embroiled in a controversy that inspired one of Twain’s songs. That year, nude photos of the actor and his then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow were published in the August issue of Playgirl magazine.

The singer referenced Pitt in her song The Don’t Impress Me Much following the explosive scandal. After being asked about how the Ad Astra actor made it to Twain’s 1997 hit, the singer shared her sentiments on the controversy.

“I thought it was a horrible invasion on them and I just sort of took the other angle of it,” the songstress told ET.

He then sang praises about Pitt’s physique — because who wouldn’t — saying:

“He’s so gorgeous, clothed or naked, so I just did that [referenced Pitt in the song] as an exaggeration … being playful.”

She then quoted her song as she expressed her disappointment with the fact that she hasn’t met the actor.

“It doesn’t impress me much that I still have not met Brad Pitt, come on!” Twain added.

The songstress is currently busy with her Let’s Go! Las Vegas residency tour.

Twain recently posted a photo on Instagram giving fans a sneak peek of what to expect from her Las Vegas shows. “The start of #LetsGoVegas has been such a blast! I love being back with you guys 😘 Who’s coming to the Wednesday show?‬”