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Prezzee transforms Digital Gifting experience for online shoppers and smartphone users

In every way, Gift Cards are the perfect present. They have the personal touch that giving cold hard cash lacks, and they allow the recipient the pleasure of choosing a gift of their choice as opposed to the ordeal of pretending to be grateful for an unwanted and unloved surprise.

In a digital age where more and more consumers are becoming increasingly aware and concerned of the detrimental effects plastic has on the environment, one cannot help but conclude that the plastic Gift Card has a limited shelf-life.

So what’s the solution? Easy! The digital Prezzee Gift-Card. It’s not toxic to the environment like its plastic yesteryear version, and it boasts a host of other consumer benefits too, just ask Prezzee’s high flying CEO Mr Tony Karp, former Chief Operating Officer of David Jones and Director of Strategy of Woolworths South Africa.

The Australian company that launched the world’s first Gift-Card App in 2015 is leading a revolution in the digital gifting experience and is transforming the entire market into a much leaner, healthier, and personalized customer experience.

The seeds for Prezzee were sown when billionaire retail property tycoon Mr Shaun Bonett backed the initial vision of Claire Morris and Matt Hoggett, and together with Precision Group’s CFO Mr Edward Piazza and CTO Mr Roger Hatem co-founded and launched the Prezzee Gift Card App and Website.

Gift Cards are unnecessary baggage. They are also easily lost and accidentally discarded, but what if you could incorporate all your Gift Cards into that one device the modern person carries everywhere with them – the smartphone!

In that split second, Prezzee was born. Not only does the company allow customers to buy, send, store and redeem Gift Cards via their mobile phones, but it also allows people the opportunity to add more meaning and personalization to their Gift Cards than ever before.

A digital Gift Card is never lost beneath the sofa, accidentally thrown out, or left at home. What’s more, it has no carbon footprint and can be given and received at the press of a button.

With a few simple clicks, a digital Gift Card can be delivered to a person in another country just as effortlessly as it can be delivered to the person next door. It can be delivered to thousands of recipients, or it can be delivered to that one special individual.  Most importantly, with a digital Gift Card, you never have to worry about it arriving on time. What’s not to like?  A Prezzee Gift Card will always make the sender look great!

The future is written on the cards.  Prezzee is revolutionizing the art of global giving for the digital age.