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Plantation shutters, FAQS and understanding them

Plantation shutters are a hot topic that is thrown around nowadays, and everyone is talking about them. But what actually are plantation shutters? Plantation shutters are one of the most popular features added into modern-built homes which allow it to not only look and feel more sophisticated, but also to add functionality which is rarely seen in older homes.

They are often touted as an icon of modern and contemporary homes and are treated as a valuable feature within any home. It’s not uncommon to see homes having value added to them due to plantation shutters being installed.

Due to the hype surrounding plantation shutters, there are a lot of questions about them being asked. These are primarily to do with their functionality and style, as well as the benefits and value they can bring to a home.

This article will aim to help provide some answers when it comes to plantation shutters.

What are plantation shutters and what features do they add?

Plantation shutters are iconic and have a very unique design which makes them good for any home. They look like planks of wood which are attached to a window. You can press down on them and push them up in order to expose and block the window, thus exposing and blocking sunlight consequently. This is their primary functionality and adds ease of access for this purpose. On top of all this, they also add some side benefits which are less commonly known.
One of these benefits would be the security which is added as a result of their installation. Their design is in a way that blocks the window. Consequently, anybody trying to enter the window would be blocked by planks of wood which would either slow them down enough for the occupants to hear them and call the police or deter them completely.

Are they expensive to install?

Plantation shutters are affordable to install and are some of the best decisions you can make for a home. Not only are they affordable, they also can add value to your home. As such, you can make your money back once you decide to sell the home. They should be considered an investment into a home, as they add functionality, security and value to a home on the basis of the money you pay for their purchase and installation.

How to choose the best colour of plantation shutter for your home?

Whilst the functionality of the plantation shutters remain constant, the colours and designs of the product can differ greatly. It is best to choose plantation shutters which match your interior design in order to suit the existing environment. For example, if you have a contemporary and modern interior design which is often seen in new homes, then white plantation shutters with a simplistic design works best to suit the existing environment.

With these questions answered, it is best for you to do your own research on how to proceed with plantation shutters should you choose to purchase and install them into your home.