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Music festival travellers guide: how to prepare for the big event

Whether you are a first time music event attendee or have a lack of experience at a particular venue, city or country, there are some key tips to follow that will enhance the adventure.

Young men and women will pay extensive prices and order their tickets well in advance, but when it comes to some of the basic logistics for the day and/or night itself, they leave these elements up to chance.

Time to take stock of these key preparation steps.

Avoiding Parking At The Event

It might sound like an unfair generalisation, but parking at a music event 9 times out of 10 is a nightmare. These bays fill up quickly and are usually situated in outdoor settings completed exposed to the elements. Thinking of leaving early? Then there is every chance the car will be boxed in, and the patrons have to pay for the privilege of the park itself. Acquiring public transport or a lift is easily the best approach to take in these instances, avoiding that major logistical headache and allowing everyone to enjoy the event in the process.

Establish Meet-Up Point

These festivals hold so much of an appeal because there will be a diverse range of acts operating at different stages, but sometimes they will be playing simultaneously. Just because someone wants to see one act as the group wants to see another, that doesn’t mean someone has to forgo their band or artist they want to see. Simply establish a suitable meet-up vantage point where everyone understands where they will be in the event of a split.

Source Regular Hydration

There will be different rules when it comes to alcohol consumption at each music event, but these outdoor and indoor vicinities can really amp up the heat and humidity. It is genuinely dangerous to be partying when experiencing extreme levels of dehydration, particularly during the big summer events. Simply take note of where the water is being dispensed and access those points at regular intervals.

Wear Unique Clothing Items

If you are attending a major music event with a friend, partner, family member or group, then you need to recognise the challenges involved with staying together. There will likely be tens or hundreds of thousands of others at the venue and while it will be worthwhile establishing a meet-up point, it is also helpful to sport some unique items of clothing that will help you stand out from the crowd. From bandanas, colourful t-shirts, funky hats or intricate glasses, these little details can help someone spot you out from a collection of music adventurers.

Protecting The Valuables

Losing a set of keys, wallet or mobile phone can feel like it’s game over at a major music event. Without means of leaving the site, paying for goods or contacting others, this is a devastating realisation. Zip up bags, locks and added constraints might not feel convenient, but those travellers who lose their valuables will happily take these measures in hindsight. Loose fittings in pockets are mistakes waiting to happen.

Fun Accessories

From a diverse selection of cool and intricate kev’s vape pens to lights, binoculars and glow sticks – there are fun accessories out there that can really enhance the personal experience at a music event. Not everything in terms of preparation has to be thought about in terms of damage control – you want to be able to revel in the nightlife and atmosphere as well.

Doing some due diligence and preparation isn’t intended to be a downer for the upcoming music event – quite the opposite. Once these steps are embraced, it becomes easier to relax, unwind and let the day and evening sweep you away. There are of course many other considerations to factor into the day and evening, from finding food, toilets, protecting your ears from noise pollution and avoiding sunstroke, but these issues will come down to personal preference and priority.