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Man with silicosis calls for stone kitchen tops to be banned

A man who has silicosis after working closely with engineered stone products such as marble countertops is calling for a ban on the products after explaining how negatively his life has been impacted by the condition.

Speaking to the ABC, Braden said that “There’s no way you can produce a kitchen purely,” stating that there is always some kind of dust residue left behind that can be inhaled and cause lung conditions like silicosis in workers. With a sudden surge in cases of silicosis for people who have worked with engineered stone, the link is clear for Braden and many others who believe there needs to be a ban as soon as possible.

Despite the surge in cases around the country, the industry asserts that the cutting process can be done safely with the right equipment and training. Mr Barnes says many of his mates in the industry are being diagnosed with silicosis or are in denial because of the money they earn from the trade.

Some say they are stuck in the industry because they have no other way to pay the bill despite their doctor telling them to quit for their health.