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Leonardo DiCaprio on his on-screen chemistry with Brad Pitt

What happens when two of the biggest actors in Hollywood history work together with one of the most prolific directors? A damn good film, that’s what. Such is the case for Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” with its stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

It’s easy to imagine a rivalry whenever two big names in the industry are involved. But this was far from what happened between DiCaprio and Pitt. In fact, their on-screen chemistry as partners in Tarantino’s 8th film is one of the reasons why it became such a success. So what’s the reason behind the two actors’ compatibility on camera? DiCaprio gave us the low down on a recent interview saying:

“What was very interesting about working with Brad was this strange inherent comfort and ease that we really both clicked into day one.”

While some actors need time and preparation to get the chemistry going, the Oscar-winner revealed that it wasn’t necessary for them.

“It didn’t need a lot of prep work. We talked about the script, and we instinctively knew that dynamic and relationship, and who these guys were to one another. We both have been in those situations and have had and have those relationships on set. Also, these two guys go off and spiral off into their own side stories, and then they reconnect.”

As for whether there was ever tension or the pressure of competition between them, DiCaprio says:

“There was no, I’m going to try to top you, or I’m going to piss all over this parade. It was, how do we make this a realistic dynamic because we were going off and doing our own side stories.”