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Important tips for healthy pets

Everyone loves their pets almost more than they love other people. Whether you own a cat, dog or another kind of pet you undoubtedly want it to enjoy a long and healthy life.

While pets can be close to children for some people, they aren’t as good as expressing their needs. Taking proper care of your animal friend requires special supervision and attention, especially if they’re sick.

Your pet won’t have the same life-span as you but making sure that you take good care of their health means you can enjoy their company for much longer. Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for keeping your pet healthy.

Important tips for healthy pets

Feed them high quality food

A diet of high quality food gives your pet a shiner coat, brighter eyes and healthier skin. It also helps their immune and intestinal systems so they are less likely to get sick.

It’s important to research what kinds of foods are best for your particular animal and what quantities are appropriate for their age. Young puppies or kittens will eat differently than older cats and dogs.

Keep them lean

While overweight pets are often laughed at or thought of as cute, their health is anything but a trivial matter. Obesity is one of the biggest health problems experienced by pets and can shorten their lives by a factor of several years.

Overweight pets are at a higher risk of heart disease, joint disease and diabetes among other issues. Do your pet a favour and make sure that they aren’t overfed and they get enough exercise.

Take them to the vet

While this sounds obvious at first, many pet owners do not take their pets to a vet unless an issue becomes serious. Regular check-ups from a vet can identify issues with your pet that you might not have been aware of.

While vet bills can be expensive, it is more expensive to allow a problem to get worse and require more serious treatment.

Supervise your pets

While you don’t need to keep an eye on them 24-7, you should always make sure your pets are supervised when outside of your property. Pets that are allowed to roam outside of your home are more likely to be victims of predation, car accidents, poisons and diseases.

Take care of their mouths

Important tips for healthy pets

Oral hygiene is incredibly important for pets as many issues that start in the mouth can get worse and affect other body systems. Always make sure to keep your pets’ mouth clean with a brush or another alternative like a special dental diet, treat or toy.