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How to stay healthy at work

Staying healthy is very important for our day to day lives. Firstly it makes work a lot easier as you aren’t missing days and you have greater productivity from having less stress. It can also save you a lot of money as well. No hospital or doctor trips means you save on your health insurance and you aren’t missing out on days of pay.

If you work in an office with close quarters with others here are some of the best tips for staying healthy at work.

How to stay healthy at work

Wash your hands

Washing your hands is one of the most easiest and effective ways to prevent yourself from catching a bug. Washing your hands too much isn’t a thing and should be taken more seriously in our day to day lives. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before you have a meal, after going to the bathroom and after you cough or sneeze.

Keep hand sanitiser handy

As previously mentioned there are many situations where you should wash your hands however we don’t all have the luxury to run away to wash our hands if we’re having a sneezing fit. In cases where you can’t leave your desk opt to use hand sanitiser instead. Keep some handy on your desk so that you can apply it during every instance that calls for it.

Clean workspace equals healthy employee

Your desk is a haven for bacteria that can just be outright gross. Keeping your workspace clean and tidy takes five minutes to do a day and can help you feel happier that everything is tidy as well. Have some sanitising wipes on hand and spray and wipe down your desk often to combat and workplace bugs going around.

Stay hydrated

Drinking more water and staying hydrated is important to your productivity and your health. Water helps keep up your energy levels and keeps you alert and refreshed. The best way to drink more water during the day would be before every meal and keep a large bottle on your desk so you can fill it up as the day goes on.

Adjust your diet

How to stay healthy at work

Planning out your meals for the week can help you stay healthy and save you money as well. Prepare and pack your lunch the night before so that you don’t go hungry the next day. Make sure it includes some veggies or salad accompanied with some lean protein.

To combat any hunger cravings during the day have healthy snacks at your desk to help you get through the day. Instead of having a packet of chips have fresh fruit pieces, dried fruit or nuts on hand. Staying full and having snacks on hand will keep you away from those fatty fast foods when you really get hungry.