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How to mow your lawn like a pro

Mowing the lawn is a universal household chore that has become somewhat symbolic of suburban life. Whether you love or loathe mowing the lawn, you’ll want to do the best job you can of it.

While the art of lawn mowing can be reduced to walking a buzzing blade across the grass, there are actually a few expert tips to consider if you want the most optimal results. Let’s take a look at some of the top advice to get you mowing the lawn like a pro.

How to mow your lawn like a pro

The ideal time to mow

The best time to begin mowing is during the mid-morning hours. This is because any irrigated water or dew will have dried up by then and it will be before the hottest part of the day.

Knowing when to mow can usually be done via a visual inspection but you should normally anticipate when the job is required by the season it is. If the weather is hot and dry the lawn will require less mowing than during heavy rainfall.

Be systematic and thorough

This tip may sound obvious to some by it is worth mentioning anyway. Always mow the lawn in straight lines going from top to bottom and make sure you reach every area properly.

Remove children’s toys and animal droppings before you start mowing so you don’t run over or step on any nasty surprises. Make sure you mow as deep as you can around the stumps of trees or other fixtures so that grass doesn’t pool around them.

Make sure to unload the grass from the mower at regular intervals so that it doesn’t clog up with grass. It’s much easier (and safer) to empty the catchment regularly than trying to unjam tough grass out of the blades.

Leave your grass clippings behind you

Instead of worrying about dumping all of your grass clipping into a bin, simply leave them on the ground behind you. Grass clipping contain valuable nutrients that will be re-absorbed into the grass that’s left behind.

Don’t mow a wet lawn

Mowing the lawn when it is wet from rain or covered in morning dew isn’t ideal for several reasons. Disease can be spread through wet grass if there are any bacteria or fungi on your lawn.

Wet mowing can also cause problems with your mower as wet grass sticks to the underside. It will also compact your soil which can lead to long-term lawn damage.

Use safety equipment

How to mow your lawn like a pro

While many people mow the lawn without any safety equipment, they would be better off if they did. Safety goggles and earmuffs can go a long way in protecting your ears and face.

Safety goggles are particularly important as small bits of debris like rocks or sticks can go flying when picked up by a cutting blade. This is also an important reason not to let children or others stand around you while you’re mowing.