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How to make the most of your barbecue area

Everyone loves a good barbecue. It’s a fantastic way to bring friends and family together around fresh cooked food in an outdoor setting.

Whether having a few drinks with friends or entertaining a large family gathering, you’ll want to make sure your barbecue area is set up as well as it can be. While it sounds simple enough to set up a cooker and get going, there are some other things worth considering when making the most out of your barbecue area.

Location, location, location

If you have the luxury of planning out exactly where to put set-up your barbecue, make the process as convenient for you as possible. There are a few key things to consider when choosing the perfect spot for your barbecue.

Proximity to the kitchen

Make your life easier by keeping the barbecue area a short distance from your kitchen. This gives you easy access to anything you might need including the fridge and sink.


You’ll want your barbecue to be situated on a level area. It’s also important not to set it up on surfaces that will get slippery when it rains or is covered with grease or spilt drinks.

Fire safety

Obviously the barbecue is a fire hazard if not prepared for. Make sure that it is not set up near flammable walls, low hanging trees or power lines.

Prepare for the wind

It’s important to predict where smoke from the barbecue will go if the wind picks up. The last thing you want is to be cooking up a storm only to realise the smoke is hitting your house or your guests.


Be sure to consider how much shade you and your guests will get, especially on very hot days. Remember, it’s the food that’s meant to be cooking, not the people!


If you’re planning to use the barbecue after dark, make sure you have enough lighting. This is important so that you and your guests can see what they’re doing.

Create zones

Make sure that your barbecue area has plenty of space for you to prepare, cook, plate and serve food. You don’t want to make a mess or lose track of something because you didn’t have enough space.

When you’re not using it

Barbecues can be somewhat of an eyesore when they’re not being used. It’s also important to make sure that they don’t wear and tear in the elements when left out.

If it’s not a permanent fixture then move it undercover or place some kind of covering over it. If it is fixed to the area then make sure you have some way to protect it from the elements with a pergola or tarp.