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How to get over a breakup according to Margot Robbie

Anyone who has ever broken up with Margot Robbie — or any of her girl friends for that matter — got the egging they deserved.

The actress shared a peculiar (but nonetheless fun) way she and her best friends deal with a breakup. While she didn’t have to go full-on Harley Quinn, Robbie and her friends definitely got the emancipation they deserved.

At the London press junket for her forthcoming film, Birds of Prey, Robbie spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her own experience with going through a breakup. Similar to what her character Harley goes through in the anti-hero flick, she and her girls got each others’ backs.

“I do have a wonderful group of girlfriends back in Australia — we’ve been friends since we were like four years old, and anytime a dude breaks up with a girl in the group, all the girls go and egg his car,” she told the entertainment news outlet.

But the A-lister also recalled things taking a turn when she had to beg her friends not to egg an ex-boyfriend’s auto. This time, it’s because she was the one to call it quits.

“One time I broke up with a boyfriend, and they were like, ‘How dare he! We’re going to go egg him!’”And I was like, ‘No, don’t! I broke up with him. He’s a really nice person. Please don’t egg his car!'” she explained, laughing. “‘Thank you, I love you guys, but don’t do that.'”

So there you have it, if you want to get over a split, make it fast and messy with some girlfriends and a couple of dozen eggs.