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How to choose the perfect Gazebo for you

When summer is around the corner, a is a Gazebo is a great versatile structure for your outdoor areas, over your pool, over your deck, for outdoor picnics or sporting events. However, there are different options you need to consider. Gazebos come in fixed or removable categories, and depending on:

⎯    Where you want to put it

⎯    How big you want it

⎯    What you want it to cover (pool or your family at

a picnic)

⎯    How much you want to spend

Also, like any clothing item, appliance or in this case Gazebo, it always helps to shop around there are plenty of options online, and if you prefer to have a look at the Gazebo range in person, it doesn’t hurt to see what is out there.

Here is a quick snapshot of the Gazebo types, features available out there.

How to choose the perfect Gazebo for you

Types and Features of Gazebos


I must say, it is rare to find a traditional concrete-fixed Gazebo, fixed Gazebos were more popular in the early years (I’m talking 1800’s) and were designed in a traditional Elizabethan style. It may be perfect for you. When I think fixed Gazebo, I think old pitched roof with a picket fence, well Gazebos have come leaps and bounds from here. A fixed Gazebo can be simply a canopy which covers an outdoor deck or pool. A sturdy and modern take on the fixed Gazebo, both highly functional and highly aesthetical.

Here are some features for fixed Gazebos which you should assess before choosing a Gazebo.

Shape: depending on your needs of course. Fixed Gazebos are available in either circular or square shapes unless you request otherwise (regarding both the structure and the canopy).

Size: again, it depends on your needs, although depending on size and construction requirements you may require a council approval.

Roof: the simplest is a fabric canopy and for the fancier Gazebos are available in wooden and tiled options. You can also choose if you would like a flat or pitched roof, depending on your preference.

Flooring: you can have the floor decked, concreted or leave it natural. For those who are needing only a canopy and no flooring.


You see them everywhere, and they will with no doubt be present at the Saturday or Sunday sports games, at markets, at picnics and even at your local Bunnings on the weekend at their sausage sizzle stall. They are popular as they are reasonably priced and hardy (although the rigid framed removable Gazebos can be tricky to put up and pull down). Either way, if you choose a rigid or non-rigid framed Gazebo, they are versatile for any occasion giving you room to stay cool in the shade in summer or keep you dry from the rain.


Here are a few features to keep in mind while you are on the hunt for the perfect Gazebo.

Shape: square or a circular, flat of pitched. Based on preference.

Size: from 2m to 6m depending on your needs. The larger usually the more expensive.

Assembly: The more modern Gazebos are pretty simple to assemble. It can be simple as putting up a tent pegging in corners, or unfolding and extending rigid metal legs.

Other features: rigid or flexible roofing and legs and some come with an awning for extra protection from rain or sunshine etc.


Obviously, a fixed Gazebo will cost more, even if you are a builder or tradesman and you can install it yourself, the materials itself will be more expensive. However, for those who want a permanent Gazebo, it pays to purchase a fixed gazebo. Sounds silly however due to the reduced price many purchase removable Gazebos, which aren’t as sturdy. Meaning you will constantly be replacing them as they are not designed to stand long periods of exposure to the elements. In the end, it is more economical and practical to look into getting a permanent fixed Gazebo that will stand the test of time and weather!


Whether you want a Gazebo to use in summer or winter, for your backyard or for the footy field with a little background research and perhaps a visit to your local Bunnings or outdoor store you will be armed with enough knowledge to make an educated choice and tick every box in what you, your family, organisation or sporting club want and need out of a Gazebo.


Now all you need to do is pick one that you (and your family or friends) like the look of and shop around!