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Gray & Sons Sell Affordable Rolexes and Luxury Jewellery

Whether we openly admit it or not, deep down, we all want a Rolex. There’s no better way to convey style, wealth and luxury than with a watch made of the highest quality materials in the world. But for the vast majority of us, purchasing one isn’t feasible – it is simply too expensive.

That’s where Gray & Sons Jewellers step in. They purchase used, authentic luxe watches and jewellery and restore them with trained, experienced Swiss craftsmen. The result? Pristine, quality items at a cheaper cost to you.

But what makes them different to other second-hand jewellers? Here are 6 benefits you get with Gray & Sons that make them special:

1.     They let you meet the watchmakers in person

Few luxury watch and jewellery sellers allow you to visit their showroom and actually meet the people restoring the items. Walking into their gorgeous physical store in Miami Beach, Florida, is not only a treat for the eyes – it’s an insightful experience. You are introduced to expert craftsmen and diamond specialists who can walk you through everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have.

2.     They mail out catalogues

Their convenient catalogue service provides customers with monthly updates on the latest specials and pieces currently on offer. This makes it much easier to stay up-to-date with what’s happening and ensure you don’t miss a good bargain.

3.     They stock hard-to-find items

Being able to find rare pieces like the Chanel Camilia ladies’ white gold watch at Gray & Sons makes the whole process of shopping for restored jewellery incredibly thrilling. This means you are likely to find a one-of-a-kind gift that your loved one will truly appreciate for a lifetime.

4.     They have an online store

Unlike many second-hand jewellery and watch stores, Gray & Sons have both a physical and online store. This makes them highly convenient, allowing you to purchase the ring of your dreams from the comfort of your home or office. They stock a wide range of products, from vintage pocket watches to earrings and brooches.

5.     Their authenticity is certified

There’s no need to fret over authenticity concerns – Gray & Sons provide a 12-month warranty and ensure each piece is inspected by their certified Swiss watchmakers. And of course, you are free to take it to an independent source to assess the authenticity for yourself! They also provide lifetime annual battery replacement, polishing, pressure testing and detailing services for purchases over $2000.

6.     You have a wide range of options

The very nature of second-hand luxury jewellery and watches means that you can purchase items that are decades old whilst knowing that they are still of exceptionally high quality and will last. This can also provide great investment opportunities; for instance, buying a limited edition watch might make you money if you look after it well, as it will likely be worth more in the future.


Buying a preowned item is a different experience to buying a brand new item. You are becoming a part of a story that has existed before you and will continue to exist after you. You might want to learn more about the history of your chosen watch or piece of jewellery; who was the owner? Who owned it before them?

Buying second-hand can be a truly rewarding experience, from watching the craftsmanship in action as they restore your luxury watch to learning about the history of your jewellery. Ensure that you do your research and select a piece that fits your needs, style and budget, and you’re sure to be satisfied.