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Five tips for organising your closet

Your closet is an essential part of organising your life and home. Just because a closet is normally closed doesn’t mean that it should be messy!

Rearranging your closet can help you save an immense amount of time and effort on a daily basis! Ever searched for hours for an item of clothing? Or not been able to find something to wear?

Fixing your wardrobe will help you make the process of finding and deciding what to wear so much easier. Follow these five key tips for organizing your closet!

Five tips for organising your closet

Organise by type

One of the key ways to organise your closet effectively is to separate your clothing by its type. How you do this is dependent on how you would ordinarily pick out a complete outfit in the morning.

A simple way most people separate their clothing items is bottoms and tops. This makes it easy to pick out a full outfit as it creates a standard process for picking out the items you need! You can then have separate sections in your closet for different occasions, such as casual tops, casual bottoms, work-appropriate tops, and work-appropriate bottoms.

This system is extremely helpful as it cuts down the amount of sifting you have to do in your closet to pick out something to wear! You should also consider organising your tops and bottoms by colour so that finding a specific item of clothing is easy!

Do a seasonal audit

As seasons change, so do the clothes you wear regularly! At the start of each season, rearrange your closet to accommodate for this change.

A great way to organise your closet is to put away seasonal items you won’t be using until the next summer or winter into storage. This frees up so much space in your closet and reduces the amount of clothes you will have to look through!

Get rid of what you don’t wear

Speaking of seasons, at the end of each season, you should re-evaluate your closet. Go through every item and consider how much you wore them. If you didn’t wear an item for the season it is suited for, chances are you won’t in the future.

Don’t be attached to items of clothing that you never wear anymore or feel obligated to keep clothes because you feel like you haven’t worn them enough. Donate your items to charity, or sell them secondhand!

Five tips for organising your closet

Use your space effectively

A huge part of organising your closet is to use your space effectively! Think of how much space you have and what the daily process of choosing an outfit is like. Do you gravitate towards your hangers or open a drawer? These will all inform how to best use your space.

Organise your clothes according to your process, and utilise what space there is in your wardrobe. Consider space-saving storage methods, such as a hanging storage component.

Think about the way you store your clothes – are they neatly folded in order to maximise space? Are your hangers bulkier than they need to be?

Using these organisational methods for your closet will make it easier to clean and so much more efficient to choose an outfit!