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Essential items that every kitchen needs

Over the millennia, people have developed the art of cooking through thousands of different cultural practises and modern dietary science. Nowadays, the modern kitchen looks very different from a kitchen 100 years ago, yet is still similar in many distinct ways.

The old staples like an oven, stovetop and sink are here to stay, but modern technology has replaced other kitchen items that were previously thought of as commonplace. These new cooking contraptions help save time, reduce wastage and most importantly; they make better food!

Let’s take a look at a few essential items that your kitchen needs ASAP!


There’s nothing quite like some freshly squeezed juice straight from real piece of fruit in your kitchen and modern juicers make it easier than ever to extract. A simple coated aluminium hand press gives you almost instant access to fresh juice without you needing to break a sweat with twisting or picking out seeds.

Food savers

Are you sick of using cling-wrap every time you have a small amount of leftovers or spare ingredients? Food savers are smart little silicone covers that allow you to easily wrap them around half-chopped vegetables or over opened cans to keep the contents fresher for longer.

All-in-one blender

Blenders have been a staple in modern kitchens for quite some time but new technology means modern blenders are now more versatile than ever. These new units are much smaller than traditional blenders, taking up less counter space while still giving you a lot of options.

Chef’s knife

Everyone knows that knifes are an essential cooking utensil, but people are discovering that buying an entire knife set isn’t necessary. Most people only use one or two knifes from the set and ignore the others because they have no real need for them.

The all-in-one chef’s knife, also known as the master chef’s knife in Japan, is an 8 inch blade will easily become your ‘go-to’ knife no matter what you’re doing in the kitchen. Chopping, dicing and even deboning can call be done with this handy little sword.

Here is a great video about How to Choose a Chef’s Knife

Spiral maker

With people constantly looking for healthier eating options, some have started to make pasta out of vegetables rather than with traditional wheat based ingredients. Zucchini or carrot pasta is now a doable healthy option that more and more people are embracing.

The spiral maker is a handy little shearing device, kind of like a pencil sharpener, that grates the vegetables into spiral pasta strands. This device is also a great way to disguise vegetables for picky children.

Compact grater

Everyone needs to grate some cheese now and then and this type of super compact grater is…grate for small kitchens.

Pot and pan rack

Storage is a common problem in most kitchens and even the proudest homemakers will find they’re running out of countertop space faster than they can clean it. Storage solutions are a must for busy cooks and a rack for pots and pans is a great space saver.

Food thermometer

Are you a perfectionist that needs your cooking to be mathematically sound? The food thermometer is the perfect little handy device that quickly gives you a heads up as the temperature of the pot you’re working with.


Slow cooking has been all the rage in the last couple of years and the fever hasn’t shown any signs of waning. Slow cookers or crockpots are great big cooking containers that allow you to set something to ‘slow cook’ while you go and do other things.

With a crockpot it’s entirely possible to set something to slow cook, leave for work, and come home to a mouth-watering meal. Crockpots are incredibly versatile and every modern kitchen absolutely needs one.


You could be forgiven for never having heard of a mandoline before as it’s a pretty niche cooking utensil you won’t see in your mother’s kitchen. However, the mandoline is a great little piece of equipment that allows you to safely shred, grate and slice vegetables without putting your precious fingers at risk with precise knife work.

Electric wine opener

We know what you’re thinking, but hear us out. An electric wine opener is a fast, safe way to open wine bottles on the fly without sending a cork flying into someone’s face.

Break maker

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good slice of banana bread now and then. Break makers are great additions to your kitchen, if you have the space.

Cutting boards

This is one that many people forget to invest in, but cutting boards are essential to have in your kitchen. Not only do they protect your countertop from knife marks but it helps keep the food off of a potentially dirty surface.