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Eddie Murphy feels “like an idiot” for rejecting this one movie

“The only movie I ever turned down that became a big hit was Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” the 58-year-old comedian told Fallon.

“You were gonna be in that?” Fallon asked.

Murphy then answered, laughing, “Yeah, I was gonna be the Bob Hoskins dude and I was like, ‘What? Animation and people? That sounds like bulls— to me.’”

“Now every time I see it, I feel like an idiot,” he admitted.

While he’s still kicking himself for missing out on the cartoon-live action classic, Murphy turned one hit down without feeling too bad for it.
Eddie Murphy is one of the legendary comedy actors of our time. Despite holding that mantle, he still has some career regrets that haunt him to this day. One of the worse is turning down Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

He made the revelation during his guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The Saturday Night Live alum recalled the decision that he completely regrets.

“Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wanted you to be one of the original Ghostbusters but you turned it down,” Fallon told Murphy awaiting his confirmation.

“Yes, but because I did Beverly Hills Cop,” the Dolemite is My Name star answered. Murphy then explained that he turned it down because he wasn’t available to do it.

“I wasn’t available because I was doing this other movie.”

Murphy recently made his memorable return to the set of SNL. He’s now working on the sequel to “Coming to America” and will reprise his role as Akeem.