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Comedian Kevin Hart sued by model for 2017 sex tape

United States actor and comedian Kevin Hart is being sued by a model he had sex with in a hotel room in 2017 for allegedly recording her without her consent and distributing the tape. The case claims that Hart deliberately conspired with others, including the hotel to create the circumstances for a candid sex tape with a model that would give Hart a major publicity boost.

At the time, Hart said he was being extorted by Jackson, but this has been disputed by the model’s lawyer.

The current lawsuit states that Hart allowed his friend to “set up a hidden recording device” in the hotel room “for the purpose of obtaining tremendous financial benefit for himself” by leaking the tape in the midst of his “Irresponsible” comedy tour.

Last year, the Los Angeles DA office charged Jackson with an attempt to extort Hart with the sex tape and this case is still ongoing. It is alleged Jackson tried to sell the tape to new websites after Hart refused to pay what was asked of him.

The question remains as to whether this was a deliberate stunt by Hart of an embarrassing error in judgement.