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Choosing your NDIS driving assessment provider

It’s not easy to learn how to drive with a disability, but choosing the right NDIS driving assessment provider can often make the experience easier for you.

Everyone is different, and you may look for different things depending on your disability but there are key things that will be useful for anyone to consider in the process of finding the right NDIS driving assessment provider.

Remember that you shouldn’t settle and you should be completely comfortable with your NDIS driving assessment provider to ensure that you are maximising your potential and have the opportunity to learn how to operate a vehicle to the best of your ability!

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when deciding the right disability driving assessment provider for you.


Whenever you learn something new, your teacher has the potential to hugely impact your learning process. It’s important that your NDIS driving assessment provider has an instructor who you feel comfortable with and who communicates well with you.

Considering that you’ll be taking multiple lessons with your instructor, it should be someone you feel completely at ease with. It might take a while for a good connection to develop, but ultimately you should never feel pressured or judged while sitting in the driver’s seat.

Make sure that your instructor is informative and teaches you well, while creating a supportive environment and a good communicative relationship.


While experience doesn’t dictate it all, it’s a good idea to look at how much your NDIS driving assessment provider has.

It’s a good indication of how established and knowledgeable the NDIS driving assessment provider is, thus giving you an idea of their ability to manage you and offer you the easiest possible process.

The more knowledge they have, the more assurance you have that they know what they’re doing to maximise your vehicle experience.


Your NDIS driving assessment provider should have knowledge across multiple areas in order to deliver a tailored experience for your operation of a vehicle.

Look at whether they have collaborated with health professionals and automobile experts to gain some understanding of how much expertise they have.

It’s important that they have knowledge across-board that will help their tailoring of your vehicle operation lesson to suit you. Their understanding of physical and mental disabilities and their collaboration with health experts and therapists will expand their capability to deliver a great service to you.

Their knowledge of automobile modifications will also be helpful in their tailoring of lessons and vehicle to you.

The expertise of your service supplier is important as it impacts on your experience and ensures that you are given the best opportunities to maximise your skills. It also demonstrates their ability to work towards the goal of their organisation.

Customer understanding

Ultimately your NDIS driving assessment provider should have a good understanding of what their customers want and need to optimise their lessons. It’s important that they are always on the lookout to improve and maintain customer experience.

This involves being able to give their customers an easy process that isn’t drawn out. Check to see if the NDIS driving assessment provider has a waiting list for examinations – this gives you an indication of how long the procedure will take.

There are many things to consider in the process of determining which NDIS driving assessment provider is right for you. While everyone is different, there are generally things all individuals will want to watch out for.

Make sure that you are getting the most of your experience but considering these factors in your search for an examiner and instructor for your vehicle operation!