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Camila Cabello on how making music “can be therapeutic”

Camila Cabello is one of the hottest stars in music today. Her undeniable vocal prowess and songwriting talent have launched her into next-level fame.

Ahead of her next studio album’s release, the señorita gave some insight into her creative process. Cabella spoke to People magazine and gave fans a sneak peek into the making of her music.

Detailing the story behind her single “Shameless”, the songstress revealed one of her music icons are The Weeknd. She credits the band for inspiring her song.

“I just really felt like making my version of a The Weeknd song, a very sensual song,” Cabello said describing the track. She makes a reference to the earlier days of her relationship with Shawn Mendes in the song’s lyrics.

“It’s been a secret for the longest time, don’t run no, don’t hide.”

The song then continues. “Right now, I’m shameless, screamin’ my lungs out for ya. Not afraid to face it, I need you more than I want to, need you more than I want to.”

Fans have long speculated that a secret love affair had been going on between Cabello and Mendes. Rumors swirled not long after the former confirmed that she had called it quits with Matthew Hussey earlier this year. Speculations only grew stronger when the couple dropped their sultry collab “Señorita”.

“Usually when I start an album I have a bunch of lyrics, all the time I’ll just be writing lyrics on my phone,” the Cuban songstress told People about her process. “I have 1,219 lyrics on my phone.”