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Birthday gift ideas for your k-pop loving friends

Finding the time for shopping can be difficult with a busy schedule and trying to find the perfect birthday gift for friends can make it even harder. The shops are always packed full of people and it’s so difficult to find your way around.

Making the right decision when it comes to birthday gifts for friends can be made a lot easier of it is done online. With such a wide range of online options now available, finding the perfect gift is easier than ever. Visiting an online K-pop shop is one of the best things to do when shopping for friends who love Korean popular music.

Visiting Bibimbox is going to be the best choice for all of the best k-pop apparel and accessories providing a big range at the best prices.  With so many different choices, it’s almost guaranteed that your friends will love their gifts.

k-pop loving friends

Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are a great idea for a birthday gift that keeps on giving. From just $39.99USD a month, the subscription box will be delivered to the desired address every month so that you can have the latest in k-pop fashion.

There are two different types of subscription boxes that can be ordered from the k-pop shop; the EXO Gold box and the BTS box. Both of these options will surprise with a new theme every month from bands to specific band members delivering the latest apparel and accessories.

The EXO Gold box will have a different band every month providing great variety in both apparel and accessories. The BTS box is focused purely on Korea’s favourite boy band BTS. This also has a new theme every month but is focused on the band members.

As it is different every month, this is a great birthday gift for friends to give them diversity and a unique look.


Accessories can be a great gift if you are looking for something small that can be used daily. Whilst some accessories are limited to the subscription boxes, phone cases and hats can be purchased individually from the online k-pop shop.

Phone cases are a great gift as it personalises a phone without being too over the top. It is perfect for friends who have a love of a specific band or band member and can now show it off as they walk down the street.

Similarly, with the hat, it is a great fashion accessory that shows everyone just how fashionable you are. The hats are good for small gifts, well suited to students or young adults, whilst being something that can be used regularly and is sure to be liked.


With apparel covering all the favourite bands and ranging from tees to hoodies to crop tops, there is bound to be something perfect for everyone who loves Korean popular music.

Not only do these items represent everyone’s favourite band or bands, the apparel is also fashionable so you can be proud to wear it in the streets. This is a great gift for anyone who loves to rock their favourite k-pop band or band member on a day to day basis.

As a mid-priced item this is great for all of your close friends and is super easy with the online store. The best part is, for certain orders the shipping is free making it even easier to get the best gifts for your Korean pop loving friends.

As a friends birthday draws near, the stress of finding the perfect gifts only increases. The stores are always busy finding the right style or size can be made harder when businesses don’t have everything in stock. Going online to Bibimbox makes it super easy to get the best birthday gifts for your friends and something that they will love.