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Billy Carson of 4Bidden Knowledge and Antoine Sallis of Rapid Credit Boosters Teach Others How to Manifest Money

The barrage of negative emotions that most of us experience regarding our finances can block us from increasing our wealth. Many claim to want better but because of a negative mindset, linger in unfulfilled hopes that things might get better.

We forget to let ourselves be happy with our abundance- that the good we already have in life is the foundation of all prosperity. It all comes down to manifesting wealth. Are you doing it?

Through a mutual acquaintance, Billy Carson, and Antoine Sallis, two gurus in the finance world, had a life-changing interaction. Billy Carson is an author, producer, television host, and artist. He founded 4biddenknowledge Inc, published the best-selling book titled “The Compendium of the Emerald Tablets”, and hosted Deep Space, an exciting television series. Antoine Sallis is a motivational speaker, actor, philanthropist, author and credit repair advisor.

He is also the founder of Pacc 10 Exotics and Rapid Credit Boosters, an entity that helps clients repair their credit scores expeditiously. The common element bringing these two together is entrepreneurship and the sincere desire to elevate both their own lives and those of others.

Billy Carson and Antoine Sallis didn’t grow up in abundance yet were convinced that their destiny was for greater things. Carson and Sallis realized that they manifested the same things- to experience financial freedom and overcome debts and poverty. They both insisted that manifesting is just not enough.

As the good word of the Lord reminds us, “Faith without action is dead!” Billy Carson began digging and uncovering secrets unknown to many, and in turn, decided to share these with the world. Similarly, Antoine Sallis researched credit repair, eventually developing unique principles that can help average people successfully improve their credit ratings. He further continues to enlighten society on things “banks do not want you to know”, another term he refers to as, ”The Great American Credit Secret”.

Now, Antoine Sallis is launching a new podcast on the 4biddenknowledge network. The objective of this endeavor is to enlighten people about the secrets of commercial banks- modalities hidden from consumers.

The show entitled “4bidden Credit Secrets” will start in October with a new episode every week. Sallis wants to connect with more members of the public and impact positive changes in their lives to instill an attitude of manifesting for greater things than they may believe are attainable.