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Billie Eilish offers a rare glimpse into her lovelife

Billie Eilish isn’t your ordinary teenager. But if there’s something the singer-songwriter can relate to with her peers, it’s dating.

The multi-awarded recording artist dished out on the first and last date she ever went on. Spoiler alert, it was a trainwreck. At least, not on her part. During a sit-down interview on the Howard Stern Show last Monday, Eilish recalls how her only experience with dating ended uncomfortably.

“I, like, went on a date once and it was when I was 13 and it was at the movies… And it was the day before Valentine’s Day and then he kissed me and said, ‘That was not as magical as I thought it was gonna be,'” she tells Stern.

Eilish then went on to reveal that her boujee date even had a literal butler chaperone them during their date. While the butler was in a different cinema, he ended up taking then 13-year-old Eilish’s date leaving her alone. The singer went on to say that she wasn’t given a heads up that they were going to leave.

“Dude is hella ugly now,” the Bad Guy hitmaker quipped. We bet her date is kicking himself now! While 13-years-old was a tough time for dating, it was the age Eilish’s music career started to take off. Now, she’s 17 and has collaborated with numerous artists in the industry including Justin Bieber and Khalid. She’s also made quite the name for herself in the industry. This year, she was hailed Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards.