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Beyonce’s court documents claim Blue Ivy Carter is a “cultural icon”

Make no mistake, Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter isn’t just another 7-year-old. The pop superstar reportedly argued in a trademark legal battle that her daughter is a “cultural icon”. And when your parents hold the biggest names in entertainment, it’s hard to disagree.

Beyonce isn’t taking her application to trademark Blue Ivy’s name anywhere. The pop music icon is continuing to fight in a legal battle with a wedding events planning company holding a similar name.

Blue Ivy’s cultural icon status was reportedly presented in court documents filed by Queen Bey. The Lion King live-action remake star filed to trademark her daughter’s full name “Blue Ivy Carter” back in 2012. This came just weeks after Blue Ivy was born — something that didn’t sit well with a woman named Veronica Morales.

Morales challenged Beyonce’s trademark filing citing her wedding planning company which is earlier trademarked as “Blue Ivy”. In her dispute, Morales says consumers will tend to confuse a wedding organizing business to Blue Ivy Carter.

ET online cites court documents as saying: “Blue Ivy Carter is a cultural icon who has been described as a ‘mini style star’ and has been celebrated for her ‘fashion moments’ over [sic] the years… Her life and activities are followed extensively by the media and the public.”

The documents also reportedly claim that the eldest of Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z’s children is “is capable of and interested in becoming the face of a brand.”

The power couple is also parents to twins Sir and Rumi Carter.