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Best backyard additions that kids will love

For many people, the backyard was one of the main places they spent their childhoods. Running, climbing and playing in an open outdoor space is one of the primary joys of being young.

In today’s society of electronic entertainment, it can be difficult to encourage children to spend time active in the open air. While trips to the park or the beach are great alternatives, it’s more ideal to have something right outside the home that kids can enjoy.

Instead of forcing children to spend time outside, make them genuinely want to by creating fun activities they’ll be excited for. Let’s take a look at some of the best backyard additions that kids will love going outside for.


Not many things can replicate the simple joy of bouncing on a trampoline. This wonderful device gives children an experience that they can’t replicate indoors and keeps them physically active.

Best backyard additions that kids will love

Children getting launched into the air can seem dangerous in the eyes of many parents and this is understandable. That’s why safety trampolines with netting around them are so popular in today’s backyards.

Chalk wall

Chalk walls are a great backyard addition that lets children’s imaginations run wild without wasting paper or cleaning up huge sets of crayons. The size and novelty of the shared canvas makes it a delightful way to get children interacting with each other with words, symbols and art.

Tire swing

Like a trampoline, a tire swing provides kids with a physical thrill that they’ll race to the backyard to enjoy. Unlike a trampoline, a tire swing is an incredibly cheap thing to create.

All you’ll need is a spare tire, strong rope and a strong tree branch to hang it on. Make sure you test the swing with your own weight to ensure that the branch is strong enough to support one or multiple children.


If the house didn’t come with a pool, then installing one can be an incredibly expensive option that might not sound appealing. However, if you can afford it then it’s one of the best backyard additions that children (and parents) will love.

A pool is especially useful in the summertime when you want a fun way to cool off. Keep in mind that a body of water in your backyard needs maintenance and safety measures to make it work.

If a big pool is out of the question, why not consider a plastic blow-up pool? This is a cheap alternative that kids will still eagerly jump into.

Cubby house

A cubby house or a treehouse is a great DIY project that will really impress kids. Not only do they give you a great little weekend project but they can be used to teach children basic workmanship.

Children will love having their own sized space and inviting their friends over to play house. It’s also a great place for them to do other activities like drawing or even their homework.