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5 items every person needs to buy from Ikea

Ikea is a retail company that has stores all over the world. They are well known for their ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories. People flock to their stores because of their variety of items and their affordable prices. Buyers often refer to their shops as a treasure cove or a maze due to the mass amount of product available to purchase. While it is clear that their great prices are a definite benefit, many complain of the confusing assembly process once their furniture pieces are taken home. Couples are known to fight over instructions, tempers flare and often the purchases are damaged in the process. A simple way to get around this is by hiring an Ikea installer.

Someone that came come to the home or place of business and easily assemble flat packs, while saving time, money and stress. With hiring a professional to help assemble purchases, there is no excuse to not shop at one of the biggest retail companies in the world. This article will explore 5 items that every person needs to buy from Ikea.


This monster retail store is well known for its wide variety of kitchenware. Ranging from tumblers to barbeque needs there is a bit of something for everyone. And of course, everything is really well priced. A whole kitchen could be stocked up for a very minimal cost. The designs do not look cheap and tacky either. There are options for modernly styled tea towels, plate designs, tea cups and saucers. Furthermore, there is a wide range of cookware with chopping boards, pots and pans, mixing and measuring tools, food storage options, ovenware, bakeware and frying pans and pots. The best part about shopping kitchenware at Ikea, is that an Ikea installer is not needed. Items can simply be popped in a trolley, bought and taken home.

A standing desk

Many Australians work in an office and spend large portions of the day at their desks. The perfect way to counteract this is with a standing desk. Many of these desks have the option to stand up and sit down and nowadays they look quite modern. A standing desk can be found at Ikea for a very reasonable price and has a very smart design. This way, back pain and body cramps can be combatted, and sitting at the computer doesn’t have to have such a negative impact on health.


This huge retail store has an amazing range of well-priced rugs. Rugs are well-known to be hefty in price and many choose to go without because of this. This store has smartly supplied shoppers with a wide variety of colours, sizes, and patterns which people don’t have to pay through the teeth for. Purchasers just need to remember that they will need to bring a vehicle large enough to carry the rug home, otherwise, they have the option for delivery.


Lamps are very in fashion at the moment, and the perfect lamp can really give a room that perfect look and feel. Lighting is so important when styling a home as it really does set a mood. Once again, lamps and shades can be known to be quite expensive, but Ikea offer a variety of budget options that still look fantastic.

A bedframe

While some complain about the quality of mattresses at this store, the feedback about bedframes is quite the opposite. They offer modern designs for amazing prices and can help a bedroom feel like a luxurious place to sleep. Many who are artistically minded will buy bedframes that are neutral colours and then paint over them to make them personal

Of course, beds are not bought or delivered assembled, so it can be a wise option to seek out the support of an Ikea installer for this purchase.

An Ikea family membership

For the serious shoppers, it is hard to go past the family membership. This includes savings on products and meals, extended return policies, exclusive invites to workshops and events, and the chance to win $5000 every time the membership card is used. A donation is also made every time money is spent. Investing in a family membership is a definite for any avid fan of the store, and could end up saving tons of dollars.

There are of course many more items that could have made the list as Ikea is such an expansive store. Special mentions go to picture frames, glass containers, and wall art. At the end of the day, the best thing is to set aside an afternoon (or a whole day) and personally visit the store. It can be a great experience to do with family and friends, it is just important to remember to wear comfy shoes. Alternatively, the online store can be visited and a great afternoon can be had doing some window shopping online.