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3 reasons to invest in a busy light indicator

Interruptions aren’t only annoying, they’re counterproductive and make you feel like you haven’t accomplished as much by the end of the day. If you care about your business and the work you do, you would naturally want to find a way to help minimise interruptions you experience and a professional busy light indicator is an ideal solution.

Headsets are a great tool for office workers, salespeople, administrators and many other roles that require you to answer and make business related phone calls. However, headsets come with one flaw; it’s hard to know if someone is in an active call or just wearing their headset while they work.

When you’re using a traditional phone or mobile, it’s easy for people to instantly see that you’re in a conversation with someone and that you shouldn’t be interrupted. While you can always take your headset off between calls, it would defeat the purpose of having an always ready, hands free device.

A busy light indicator lets your colleagues know instantly if you’re available or not with a simple flash of colour. Like a traffic light, a busy light indicator let’s everyone know when it’s okay to go and when it isn’t.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of investing in a Lync busy light indicator.

Increase productivity

The most obvious benefit to buying a busy light indicator is that it allows your colleagues to instantly see whether or not you’re in a call or occupied with something else. The best busy light indicators have multiple settings that tell others if you’re in an active call, holding or concentrating on a specific piece of work that you can’t be distracted from.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a colleague who is on a completely different wavelength, focusing on a completely different task, interrupting your phone call or workflow. There are a million different reasons why you might get interrupted and most of them aren’t urgent enough to warrant you being distracted from your work.

By investing in a busy light indicator, you eliminate all of the interruptions by saying, in a subtle way, that you are currently occupied with something more important. By eliminating these interruptions you can now be as productive as possible.

Focus on your work

Another benefit of a busy light indicator is that it gives you the confidence to really focus on what you’re doing without fear of being interrupted. If you’re in an important phone call with a client and need to close a deal, the last thing you want to be worrying about is if someone’s going to interrupt and ruin it for you.

By having a busy light indicator featured prominently on your desk, you are able to effectively ‘turn off’ the rest of the office so that you can focus on the task at hand. This will improve the quality of your work as you can confidently commit yourself to whatever you are doing without worrying about your flow being interrupted.

Improve client service

A busy light indicator is not only an investment in yourself or your employees, it’s an investment in the way the company handles clients. Think about it; a client won’t be very impressed if they overhear your colleague interrupting their conversation with you for something unrelated.

This kind of experience makes the client feel unimportant and less of a priority than whatever trivial task you were interrupted for. If you’re trying to land a deal or negotiate something over the phone, even a minor interruption can prove to be a death sentence to your chances of success.