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Top reasons why plumbing is so important

Have you ever experienced some seriously bad plumbing incidents in your home? Maybe a leaky tap or shower head, or a full on blown pipe that is causing the bathroom to flood?

If so, you probably already know just how important it is that you ensure your house’s plumbing is important. But just how important is it?

Finding a decent plumber in Sydney can be pretty easy when you know where to look and ensuring your home’s safety from any possible leaks or faulty plumbing is paramount to ensuring your life doesn’t become a war-zone overnight.

Having a pipe explode could be he least of your troubles if it begins flooding your home. Fires, electrocution and injury are highly likely to happen when you allow your house’s plumbing to continue working in such a shoddy way.

If you still aren’t convinced of the importance that proper plumbing plays in everyone’s lives, then here are some reasons that just might change your mind.


  1. Water

It is obvious that plumbing is responsible for the delivery of water to your home, but did you know how much this is taken for granted? There are literally millions of homes all around the world that have not got running, clean water.

Plumbing makes it possible for your home to have the miracle that you’ve so luckily been born into of clean, convenient and healthy water inside your very own home. Although this point may seem obvious, it certainly deserves all the credit it gets.


  1. Savings

If you could see how high your water bill should be without proper plumbing, you would be kissing your plumber’s feet and buying him a Christmas gift every year. The amount of water and, subsequently, MONEY that is saved due to proper plumbing is unbelievable.

Did you know that plumbing manufacturing innovations have successfully, and quite dramatically at that, reduced the amount of water used by toilets, taps, showerheads, faucets and all other water services in the average household?

It’s not likely you were aware of it, but proper plumbing is probably one of the biggest money- savers you can have.


  1. Emergency

No, not the kind of emergency you may think. The kind of emergency that effects hundreds of lives is the kind that you need to consider.

Modern plumbing innovations, as stated earlier, greatly reduce the amount of water used by every day household water supply tools.

The reason this is so important, other than saving you a few dollars, is because during natural disasters, such as droughts, one of the best things that can seriously help the people affected is the amount of water that has been, is being and will be saved by all the households that are being affected and aren’t.

This is a heavily overlooked point about good plumbing that many people are unaware of, because it is not something that is considered by many when the problem doesn’t immediately affect them.

Ensuring your household is using as little water as possible will very likely mean that one day, when someone truly needs that water the most, they will have it.

It won’t have been wasted simply because you believed you didn’t need to make sure your plumbing was up to standard.

emergency plumber
  1. Danger

As stated earlier, if your plumbing has not been checked to ensure that you are not at risk of serious damage to your home, you will one day very much regret having ignored the problem before it was too late.

Your house, if not completely made safe, is in fact a death-trap waiting to happen. This seems like a very drastic statement when made out of context, but it is true nonetheless. If your home hasn’t been fool-proofed, you are at risk of the following dangers:

  • Fire due to electrical wiring
  • Electrocution
  • Injury due to slipping, tripping, etc.
  • Poisoning due to chemicals possibly getting into your water
  • Damage to your property (house or furniture)

To avoid any of these dangers, no matter what the chance of them happening, you need to ensure your plumbing is completely safe for your home.


  1. Energy

Think about this for a moment: less water usage saves more power. Many people never consider this, because the two things are categorised differently.

But consider that if your house is wasting less water, there is much less electricity used in heating said water.

The other side of this is it also means less water transported. You may not consider this to be a very drastic thing, but it is very much an important point to consider when making the argument that proper plumbing is vital to your home.

The amount of money the average Sydney-goer can save per year by simply hiring a good Sydney plumber is incredible, for example. By fixing your plumbing up, you will save thousands on electricity alone!


  1. Safety

Ensuring your home’s water supply is healthy and not contaminated by anything that could cause harm to you and your family is important, right? Hopefully you answered yes.

It is often never considered that the materials used in plumbing may deteriorate over time. Not all materials are perfect and whether it be due to dirt, bacteria, physical damage to the material, a factory flaw, etc.

Whatever the reason may be, you can not be sure until you have a certified plumber come to your home and check your water supply system.

Hopefully now, you have some idea as to why regular plumbing in your household is vital to the safety of you, your family, any other residents that live in your home and of course, your home!

If cost is your concern, remember that plumbing is quite cheap when you take into consideration the massive benefits of an up-to-date plumbing system and the safety of the aforementioned things and people.

Don’t leave these things until it is too late. Make sure your home is check today, if possible, by a certified plumber and rest at ease that you and your home are safe.