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Things to look for in a wedding photographer

Wedding photography is a specialist field within the discipline of photography that captures moments of a special day of commitment between a loving couple. A wedding photographer has a number of different styles he or she works with and goes through a process of consultation with the couple in order to ensure that they are happy with the way that the photographer works.

It is important to ask for a portfolio should you wish to engage a certain photographer. Styles can be extremely formal or very informal. These styles are completely dependent on the couple and the theme of their day. Some of the latest trends in wedding photography include from impromptu and captured moments that tell a story (with the inclusion of props) to a very staged and formal studio session in between the wedding and the reception.

Different photographers can include different types of packages with their fee, and they may offer you the license to print and develop your own images from the digital media storing your photos. Some photographers offer an album of photos, and may even print enlargements onto canvas. In Asia, after or around the time of the actual wedding, it is on trend to attend a formal photography studio, and the couple are dressed in their wedding attire, as well as a variety of costumes.

Photographs from the actual wedding are included in a wedding album, and formal photography in a range of staged studio shots that are both fun, expressive and enticing and evoke the joy of the couple become a keepsake for Asian married couples. This trend is becoming followed in western countries, and included props and staged material on the actual day of the wedding is becoming more popular.

What Is Included In A Wedding Photography Package

Wedding photography deals may include an engagement portrait, and enable a couple to have a memento of various moments of planning the wedding, including makeup trials and the wedding rehearsal dinner. Members of each couple (including LGBT couples) often want to have a photography package best express them as individuals, and tell their story through images.

Intimate shots of the couple that demonstrate the close loving relationship of the couple can include close ups of hand holding, sitting together in a beautiful garden and express the deep love and affection between members of the couple. These images are true representations and capture candid and beautiful moments of a couple where they are generally more relaxed.

Relaxed Images From a Wedding

Often a good photographer will speak to the couple while he or she is taking their portraits, and take a series of images that are snapshots of the bride and groom (or LGBT couple) laughing, grinning and are genuinely relaxed. These more relaxed images are usually taken away from the large crowds of the reception, and meant to be unobtrusive in the style they are taken. Candid and natural shots where people are more relaxed, rather than formal and stiff, looking contrived are now far more popular among western couples than other styles of wedding photography.

Wedding Photography

Technology Allows For Discrete Camera Angles

Some religious places may have restrictions on the location of where a photographer can take images from (such as preventing a photographer from standing near or on a church altar) and so additional equipment can be set up prior to the actual ceremony so as to discreetly capture the ceremony. Technology such as drones can also be utilised on the day, to get aerial shots of an outdoor ceremony, or large panoramic views of an entire group of wedding guests at the reception.

Commitment ceremonies and rites of passage celebrating couples, including vow renewals are events that should be marked with captured moments, and the right photographer in order for the couple, family and friends to have those memories to always enjoy.