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Telemarketing Outsourcing Philippines: Why It Makes Good Business Sense

Mainstream media often glorifies sales as a high-stake game of wheeling and dealing, where millions of dollars are won and lost, and careers are made on the terms of one negotiation. A wise sales manager once told me, “No one sale will make you successful, and no one lost deal will end your career.” Sure, sales pays well, and there are certainly days that will leave salespeople feeling like the kings of the world. The reality, though, is that sales is a grind, and it is a process comprised of a lot of little tasks unworthy of the silver screen.

Telemarketing is one of these chores, and it is positioned squarely at the bottom of the food chain. Salespeople have to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from the highly skilled to the volume based. In recent years, companies have tried to group these tasks by their function and divvy them up to teams, based on the type of work. Specifically, companies have aimed to reserve the highly skilled, lower- funnel tasks to skilled sales veterans and to assign the higher-funnel, volume-based ones to entry-level sales beginners. Telemarketing would fall into the latter group.

This quest for efficiency has led to many changes and disruptions in the industry. One of these changes is the increasingly popular trend of outsourcing telemarketing tasks to countries such as the Philippines.

Telemarketing is the process of selling by phone. In the world of sales, overall conversion rates are not very high, and in in telemarketing, they are even lower. This means it’s essentially a game of throwing as much stuff against the wall as possible and seeing what sticks.

Sure, there are skills involved—it’s not all luck. But with that said, the more dials you make, the more dollars you bring in. This is obviously true of any sales position, but other forms of sales require more skilful and tactical approaches.

With this in mind, we have seen a major shift towards telemarketing being outsourced, and the top choice is presently the island nation of the Philippines.

The Philippines is home to a robust business process outsourcing industry, which makes it a perfect fit for a company looking to outsource their telemarketing. The industry and the country’s economy continue to improve and grow, and there are several reasons for this.

Communication is key in a call centre and the world of telemarketing in the Philippines. English is a global language, as 20% of the nearly 8 billion people on Earth speak it. As citizens of a former United States territory, Filipinos don’t just speak English, they speak it in accent-neutral way.

The Philippines also offers a first-rate infrastructure. This includes their power grid and internet infrastructure. The network is reliable in the Philippines, making it stand out against other BPO destinations, which struggle with instability and rolling blackouts. Award-winning call centres such as PITON-Global in Manila provide Australian clients with their pick of the litter in a country of telemarketing outsourcing experts.

The workforce is another huge advantage. While the outsourcing companies are taking advantage of a more favourable economy, local telemarketing agents are paid very well. The Filipino workforce is young and well-educated, ideal for this booming industry.

Outsourcing telemarketing services to the Philippines requires a great deal of trust, and reputation builds trust. There is no better country than the Philippines when it comes to sending your business processes offshore. Telemarketing is a function that you should be outsourcing, and PITON-Global is the company you should choose to partner with.