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Signs than it’s time for a divorce

Marriage is partnership between two people that is ideally meant to last a lifetime. It’s not only a union of people, but of resources.

As with any partnership, differences can arise that make the continued relationship unsustainable. Marriage, while starting with noble intentions, has a profound ability to fall apart over time.

This is not always an acrimonious affair; sometimes two people simply drift apart and take different paths in life. They choose to part ways because they no longer see the benefit of their ongoing partnership.

Regardless of the circumstances of the breakdown of marriage, divorce is the legal means by which the end of the union is recognised by the state. Many people will solicit the help of leading family lawyers as they go through the lengthy legal process.

While a divorce is commonly seen in a negative light, it’s ultimately the lesser of two evils when the alternative is continuing a broken marriage. Let’s take a look at the top signs that it’s time to get a divorce.

You are no longer in love with your partner

Humans are social animals and the relationships we engage in are complicated. The affections we have for one another are mixed up in chemical reactions and thinking patterns than are liable to change over time.

These changes could occur naturally can or be triggered by behavioural changes in your partner. Where someone was once a loving companion they may become someone who is negligent, uncaring or even abusive.

Even couples that appear madly in love with each other, claiming that they have found their soul mate, are just as likely to drift apart as anyone else. While we like to believe in our lofty ideas of true love, it’s impossible to deny it when feelings begin to fade.

If you are in a marriage and fall out of love with your partner, the most responsible thing to do is to admit these feelings and get a divorce. When people stay with a partner they no longer love, they run the risk of being unfaithful and causing more pain than if they had been honest in the first place.

You are staying together for the sake of children

You are staying together for the sake of children

Children are a common consequence of most marriages and the union of the parents is seen as a positive influence for those children. This fact leads many couples who would otherwise separate to begrudgingly stay together for the sake of their children.

While this goal appears noble at first, it’s incredibly difficult to fake a marriage for the sake of children. You will likely bicker and argue in front of the children, giving them a false idea of what love or marriage is.

Children are intuitive and only get smarter as they get older, they can sense when something is wrong between their parents. This means that even though you are still married, you are not giving children the emotional security you think you are.

While it may be painful and hard for children to understand, it’s ultimately better for them to live in an honest environment. Leading family lawyers are excellent advocates for the welfare of children after a marriage breaks down and work with the courts to ensure they get the best arrangement for their needs.

You are afraid of the social repercussions

Despite the fact that divorce is actually beneficial and can be done on good terms, there are several societal stigmas surrounding it. Friends and family members can differ in their opinions and the support they give your decision.

Some people have very principled views on what a strong family should be and are harshly critical of those who get divorced. Others will hold the belief that the lives of children will be worsened because of the selfishness of their parents.

These views are based on opinion and misunderstanding. Nobody else understands the reasons for this decision as well as you do and you need to be honest to yourself or you will never be happy.

Leading family lawyers are considerate and unbiased professionals who are not in the business of judging your decisions. For many people a lawyer can be one of their most trusted allies during what is often a stressful time in their lives.