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Ricky Gervais under hot water for transphobic tweets

British comic Ricky Gervais is involved in another controversy, this time for the transphobic remarks he recently posted on Twitter.

The comedian’s tweets were in response to a post about J.K. Rowling’s controversial support of Maya Forstater. Rowling made headlines after tweeting in support of the researcher who was sacked over a tweet where she claimed that biological sex cannot be changed.

“Those awful biological women can never understand what it must be like for you becoming a lovely lady so late in life,” Gervais wrote in a Twitter reply. “They take their girly privileges for granted. Winning at female sports and having their own toilets. Well, enough is enough.”

Replying to a user who told him “kindness is magic,” Gervais wrote “Exactly. We need to protect the rights of women. Not erode them because some men have found a new cunning way to dominate and demonise an entire sex.”

Gervais then implied later on that his initial tweets were meant to be taken as a joke.

The 58-year-old comedian is known for his daring quips that most people would describe as offensive. As for why his comedy is like this, Gervais previously explained:

“The more people are offended by a joke, particularly on twitter, the funnier I find it. And the angrier the tweet, the more chance of me using it and turning it to laughs and cash. PC culture isn’t killing comedy. It’s driving it. As it always did.”

Gervais has been tapped once again to host the Golden Globes, much to the ire of his critics.