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The Navid Mashinchi pick for the 3 best prep platforms for data science interviews

Navid Mashinchi knows that when it comes to interviews for Data Science positions, preparation is absolutely necessary for success. There’s a surprise amongst newfound graduates who are looking for jobs that, there is a lot of confusion as to what occurs in the interview process for Data Science positions. Navid Mashinchi was shocked to learn that a lot of graduates didn’t realise there was a practical element in the interview and was saddened to see all the confusion.

He put together a handy guide of some online preparatory systems that allow graduates and prospective employees to get a good understanding of the types of tasks they will be expected to perform in an interview situation. Given the high degree of competition in the industry, having the chance to interview should come with the added caveat of preparation and readiness on the part of the applicant.

While there isn’t a singular magical platform that encapsulates the entire expectation of applicants in the data science industry, the following three are Navid Mashinchi’s personal choices for different facets of preparation when used in tandem.


Leetcode is one of the most popular platforms online for coders to practice their skill and pick up faster and more efficient methods of delivery. A lot of software engineers take advantage of the website and platform on a daily basis allowing a flexibility in determining the style and types of algorithm and data structure problems to solve.

With over 20,000 questions and issues that can be solved, the range is quite impressive and especially good for those who are looking to cut their teeth a little more in terms of definitive equations and problems for solving. There’s also some room for SQL questions to solve as well, while not as strong as some other entrants, the sheer library is worth the free membership.


AlgoExpert is the second on the list of Navid Mashinchi’s recommendations. Created by an ex-Facebook and ex-Google software engineer, you already know that it’s going to be worthwhile. The organized structure of the website is top tier in terms of quality and ease of use, great explanations for beginners and those who are going into their first interview and need a crash course rundown of the basics.

The premium package is well worth the subscription price as it covers most of the necessary basics, and further encourages follow-up lessons and educational avenues. The question library is smaller with only 160 equations, but it has all the fundamentals to cover.


StrataScratch closes out the list with a platform that is tailor made for data scientists. It has a great catalogue of test-related SQL questions that are inherently important for those who are going into an interview situation. The question library consists of over 1000 questions that cover a variety of bases in the data science skillset recommendations, and the UI is remarkably easy.