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My Chemical Romance U.S. tour completely sold out in less than six hours

My Chemical Romance ended their nearly seven-year-long hiatus last year. Now, the punk rock band’s comeback is a success before their United States tour has even kicked off.

The band’s North American tour completely sold out all 228,600 tickets in less than six hours from going on sale.

The “Welcome to the Black Parade” performers expressed gratitude to their devoted fans saying
“you’ve worn out all your dance shoes, this time.” On Wednesday, My Chemical Romance dropped a 13-minute teaser video on YouTube to announce their tour dates and it has gained over 1 million views since it was released.

Fans flocked Ticketmaster’s website when the tickets went on sale online. The heavy volume of visitors trying to get their hands on the tickets caused a glitch in the company’s online queue system leaving many fans empty-handed. Tickets for the shows have popped up as re-sellers attempt to put them up for retail at hefty price tags.

Not tickets are currently available on the Ticketmaster website. An attempt to purchase them prompts a message from the company that reads: “My Chemical Romance wants fans to have the best access to tickets. To ensure that all orders adhere to the published ticket limits, we’ll perform a final review after the general sale. During this time, ticket transfers will be unavailable.”

My Chemical Romance will be touring the United States starting with their first stop happening in September 9 in Detroit, Michigan. The group announced a fourth and final Los Angeles show at the Forum on Saturday which immediately sold out the next day.