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Lead Generation Philippines: Outsourcing 2.0

Sales may seem like a glamorous job from the outside, but once you get down into the detail, it is anything but. A successful sales company basically boils down to numbers. How many calls and meetings can you set up to give you the best chance to close more? This involves repeating the same tried and tested process over and over again. Many people assume that sales is all about taking calls and closing that customer; however, that simply isn’t true.

Of course, some businesses may be set up to work on a demand basis, but other sectors of sales do not. If you are a small business or a company that people will not necessarily seek out, even if they would benefit from your services, then lead generation outsourcing to the Philippines is key. Lead generation provided by award-winning outsourcing providers such as PITON-Global in the Philippines is essentially the process of finding people to contact, call and set up meetings with in the hope that they may eventually buy from you. Now, the lack of glamour comes in when you realise that you may need to generate 10, 20 or even 100 leads to account for just one sale.

However, there is good news. The lead generation process in itself takes skill, determination and patience above all else. Lead generation is a perfect task to outsource to a third party in the Philippines to ensure that your sales team spend their time doing what they do best: closing deals.

Let’s take a look at how the process works:

  1. Identify your prospects – These are your potential customers, people you believe have a need or want for your product/service.
  2. Put your name on it – You would then enter the prospect details into your CRM, or equivalent, to ensures that no other salesperson on your team will attempt to contact your lead.
  3. Identify the DM – The DM is the decision-maker, the person you need to be talking to. If you call up a company and speak to someone for 30 minutes about what you have to offer, before finding out that they have no power to actually sanction a sale, you have wasted everyone’s time. Ensure that you get in contact with the DM from the get-go.
  4. The market – Next up, you need to make sure that these people are in the market to close a deal. Basically, are they looking for what you provide? Why are they looking for it? Are they having issues with their current provider? Do they have a provider? What kind of terms do they have with the provider? Not only does this confirm whether they are interested in what you have to sell, but it also gives you some valuable insight. For example, if they say that they are having a big problem with regard to one specific aspect with their current supplier, you can tailor your pitch around how you would solve that problem.
  5. The meeting – Next up is the actual meeting itself. This is the first time you will actually present and attempt to sell your product or service.
  6. Negotiation – You then negotiate a price and terms.
  7. Close – You get your yes or no.

So, why are companies entrusting such an important part of the sales process to a lead generation outsourcing provider such as PITON-Global in the Philippines? The answer is simple. They managed to build a strong lead generation sector over the last two decades, training employees in the latest skills and techniques.

Lead generation outsourcing to the Philippines now boasts:

  • competitive wages to save money
  • decades of experience in lead generation
  • an experienced and determined workforce
  • reliability in terms of results
  • native English speakers to create a good impression when talking to clients
  • opportunity for expansion and growth.

The Philippines excels in a number of outsourcing tasks they can handle effectively, and lead generation is certainly one of them. The country has spent the last 20 years building up an outsourcing infrastructure to become market leaders in the sector. Not only do the employees at standout companies, such as Piton-Global in the Philippines, speak perfect English, but they are also highly experienced in lead generation outsourcing. What more could you possibly ask for?