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Kristen Stewart details filming new horror “Underwater”

Kristen Stewart is on a roll. After taking on the bio flick, “Seberg” and kicking butt in the “Charlie’s Angels” reboot, the actress will next be seen in the sci-fi horror “Underwater.”

With her latest film making its box office debut on Friday, we’ve seen plentiful of the actress and we are not complaining. Stewart’s acting prowess belongs to the big screen and we will always be here for it.

Production for Underwater began back in 2017. If you’re wondering why it took so long to make, it’s because the production team didn’t want to rely solely on visual effects. Practical stunts were done and Stewart says it can be pretty scary to shoot.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight Canada, the actress has this to say about the grueling filmmaking process:

“A lot of stuff that we did was super practical. It was fun, it was not hard to do the movie in terms of trying to fantasize and play pretend.”

“It was hard to do the movie because it was scary and it was genuine! It made a lot of these things happen, we blew a lot of stuff up,” she added.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to stay in a cold, damp place, the actress had to shoot a horror flick in said environment.

“It was not an easy movie to make — really long and just drippy and cold and f—ing hard. I want to see how we all reacted in such precarious circumstances. It really pulls out the best and worst parts of people.”