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Jenna Dewan on Channing Tatum and Jessie J: “I felt blindsided”

Jenna Dewan isn’t mincing words on how she initially felt upon finding out about Channing Tatum and Jessie J’s relationship.

In her new memoir, Dewan revealed that she found out about her ex-husband and the Brit singer’s romantic involvement through the press. Reports linking the two surfaced just months after Dewan and Tatum separated after being married for nine years. The pair announced their split in April of last year.

Not long after finding out about Tatum and Jessie J’s relationship, the Step Up actress officially filed for divorce. The three are currently on good terms as they co-parent Everly, their 6-year-old daughter.

Dewan’s memoir is titled “Gracefully You: Finding Beauty and Balance in the Everyday”. In the autobiography, Dewan reportedly revealed how she found out about her husband’s new romance. “There I was, on a plane, alone, finding out about his new relationship. I felt blindsided,” she reportedly wrote.

Dewan then recalled that she was tempted to post a series of Tweets addressing the matter. But, she ultimately decided not to go on with the posts writing, “Instead of reacting the way I wanted… I asked myself: How do I choose grace in this moment?”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Dewan also wrote about how the breakup affected her. “The pain hit me like a tumbling avalanche. I was completely overcome with fear and sadness,” she reportedly recalled.

She continued, “It took many moments of sitting alone with my grief to force me into surrendering to my roller coaster of a situation.”