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Jameela Jamil rows back on support for Ellen DeGeneres

Jameela Jamil is in hot water after expressing her support for Ellen DeGeneres amid controversy involving George W. Bush.

DeGeneres is embroiled in controversy for sitting down next to the former United States president at a Dallas Cowboys game. She then received further backlash for defending her friendship with him on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After initially expressing support for DeGeneres, the actress and feminist advocate is now backtracking her comments.

The Good Place star shared a clip on Twitter of the host explaining her stance. To which Jamil responded, “I think this was an incredibly strong way to handle this. Really interesting.”

In a subsequent tweet, Jamil then lauded DeGeneres saying she had “never seen someone in the public eye handle something like this, in this way” and that the comedian and host’s response was “very strong”. She then justified it by sharing that DeGeneres’ take on kindness was something that was explored in the 4th season of The Good Place.

Fans of Jamil were quick to call her out. Now, the actress has deleted the aforementioned tweets and then tried to explain that she was ignorant of Bush’s “heinous presidency” prior to educating herself amid controversy. “What a monstrous leader. I now understand the rage..,” she wrote in a tweet.

Jamil’s response has prompted skepticism among her followers saying that she should’ve known better about the global impact of Bush’s presidential term. The actress then defended herself as she called out the “pompous responses from people because someone from the other side of the world didn’t learn about a president in your country when they were a teenager.”