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How Saltalk is Providing Unforgettable Meals to Countless Clients

Saltalk has quickly become a brand that everyone is talking about. With streamline service and a guarantee of the highest quality products, Saltalk is emerging as a leader in the home cooked food delivery industry.

Founded by Mr and Mrs Ming, Saltalk stemmed from the knowledge that home cooked meals can be a bonding experience for all kinds of people. Upon moving to Silicon Valley in 2013, it soon became clear that Mrs Ming was feeling quite homesick. One day when eating at a Chinese restaurant with friends, she began to cry at the sight of one of her favourite dishes- stir-fried pork. It reminded her of home and the memories that she had created there.

With this in mind Mr Ming decided to create the business Saltalk. He made it his mission to gather the finest ingredients and to build a dedicated team of likeminded individuals who understand the value of a home cooked meal. Saltalk now collect a variety of brands and cuisines so that they can offer this homely feeling to their clients. All of the dishes are carefully selected and can be customised to suit your needs.

The name Saltalk stems from the idea that salt is a fundamental part of our lives. It provides flavour and represents the universality of food. The name reflects the passion of the company and has become synonymous with the joy and happiness that comes from sharing food with your loved ones.

It is incredibly easy to set up a delivery with Saltalk. Simply select your delivery time, whether it is a pre-order or on-demand order, and outline your cuisine and ingredients of choice. For an extremely affordable price, Saltalk will then deliver your meal straight to your door. This is an easy and convenient way to enjoy the best home cooked foods that you have been missing, all prepared by a team of talented and loving individuals.

Saltalk has quickly become the heart of many families and communities. They continue to expand on the range that they offer and are sure to maintain the best customer service practices at all times. With a passion for bringing people together through the magic of food, Saltalk can provide you with a truly unforgettable meal service.