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How Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei rose to the top of the UK music production game

Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei is a UK music producer who has worked with various big names in the UK music industry, including rising superstar Stefflon Don, Krept and Konan, Stormzy and many more.

His rise to the top of the UK music production industry started when he was a child, learning the piano and receiving tutoring from music tutors. His love for music production and electronic beats came in his teenage years when he grew an interest for computers and technology. This interest naturally mixed with his passion for music, and thus the producer ‘Hot Money’ was born. Attending the School of Audio Engineering (SAE), Patrick promoted his instrumentals and beats to critical acclaim. His beats quickly grew in popularity, and often you would hear them in the UK club scene booming over the speakers. For 20 years, he has found success within the music industry and plans to take his career a step up.

This is being done through the release of a new album of instrumentals and beats, of which to inspire artists based in the UK as well as the rest of the world. His latest album is not the only action being taken to step up his career, as Patrick plans to open his new record label Hot Money Recordings. He plans to use Hot Money Recordings to set up a professional recording studio to inspire artists, and bring together musicians to create incredible projects which will take the music industry by storm.

Patrick ‘Hot Money’ Osei has been in this game for over two decades now, and has much knowledge and expertise to share. He believes that by opening Hot Money Recordings as a record label, he will be able to not only unite artists together, but also share his knowledge and expertise with others and guide them to success in the music industry both in the UK and abroad.

His instrumentals and beats speak for themselves, and his knowledge and expertise are reflected in them too. Hot Money Recordings is definitely a label to watch in the coming years.

Here is a bit of his music’s taste:-)