Four tips for maintaining your lawn

The appearance of your lawn is a significant part of making your garden or backyard look good and well-kept. It can take a lot of effort to get your lawn to look good, but having a nice, level field of grass is worth it – especially when you have kids who want to play on it.

Having a good lawn will make going into your yard or garden worthwhile for you and your guests! It’s good to learn how to manage your lawn, and doing it yourself has benefits for your health.

Landscaping and decorating your garden is much easier when you have a well-maintained base to work off. Having a beautiful garden will be easy once you have your lawn sorted out!

Here are four tips that will help you maintain your lawn!

Four tips for maintaining your lawn

Remove the weeds

The first step to getting your lawn to look good is removing the weeds littering the grass. Make sure that you pull the entire plant out, including the root! This will ensure that they do not regrow easily.

You can use tools such as hoes and weeders to remove these pesky plants. Herbicides are also a possibility, especially if there are too many weeds to deal with one by one. You can spray weed-killer directly at the plants or use a fertiliser that gets rid of weeds while helping out your grass.

Make sure you read the instructions on the product and that you are using the right product for the weed you are trying to kill.

Aerate the lawn

Your lawn might be facing soil compaction, which affects the growth of your grass by stopping water from being able to percolate through the soil.

Do a test on a square of your lawn to see if the roots of your grass extend deeper than 2-inches. If not, aerate your lawn.

Water your lawn one or two days prior to aerating it. You can aerate by running a rented core aerator over the lawn or using a hand rake.

Dethatch the lawn

Thatch refers to the organic debris that accumulates between your grass blades and roots. It can cause dead patches in your lawn and allow for weeds to grow.

Inspect your turf – if your thatch is thicker than an inch, you need to dethatch your lawn by using a thatching rake or power dethatcher.

Four tips for maintaining your lawn

Apply grass seeds to bare spots of lawn

If your lawn is looking a bit bare, apply grass seeds to make sure that it continues to flourish. Make sure to keep track of your grass and water your lawn regularly to allow it to grow healthily.

It’s important that you continue to maintain your lawn by keeping track of weeds, thatch, and how your grass is growing.

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