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Five ways to have a more sustainable household

The modern world’s increase in both production and waste is exponential. This has resulted in huge environmental issues and a carelessness of the consequences of how we live.

Being sustainable is important to preserve the environment we live in for future generation. Simple changes in our household can make a huge difference in waste reduction!

Read this article for five simple ways you can make your household more sustainable!

Five ways to have a more sustainable household

Solar panels

Yes – in the short term, installing solar panels can be an expensive investment you have trouble justifying. But in the long term, installing solar panels can be extremely beneficial financially.

Not only does it mean you minimise your impact on the environment by getting energy from a renewable source, you will save costs in the long run! Having your own solar panel means you can obtain your own energy and skip the bills.


Only buy what you need

One of the easiest and overlooked ways to cut down on waste is to change your buying habits. Buying only what you need can drastically reduce the amount of waste you generate.

Think about it – how many times have you bought food only for it to go to waste? Or bought items of clothing only to realise you only worn them once or twice?

Don’t get caught up in the shopping experience. Be mindful of your purchases and consider the uses of what you are buying. If it’s food, have a plan to incorporate it in your meals. If it’s clothing, consider if when you will wear it and if it fits with the wardrobe you already have.

Rent or buy second-hand

If you truly need an item but know you’ll only use it once or twice, consider buying it second-hand or renting it. Renting designer clothing has already been a popular way to dress up for special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and it certainly prevents wasting both material and money!

Help extend the life of a product by buying second-hand. It doesn’t have to be an item you won’t use frequently – thrift stores are a great way to get durable items that can last you just as well as a brand new product for half the price.

Reusable items

Go for the reusable item if you can. Paper towels, one-use water bottles and containers, and tissues can all be swapped for reusable alternatives.

Microfiber cloths are a great alternative for paper towels and having them around the house can prevent you from continuously building waste.

Five ways to have a more sustainable household

Water tanks

Water scarcity is a problem projected to impact us drastically in the future. Installing a water tank is a great way to live more effectively and sustainably. As with the solar panel, water tanks are an investment that will be realised in the long term.

Investing in this innovative home item will be better for the planet and your wallet in the long term!