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Everything you need to know about DShop

DShop is a fully online department store in Australia. It stocks a diverse range of products for sale through, covering areas like furniture, fitness equipment, and handy gadgets to improve everyday life. People that are used to buying these kinds of products from a brick and mortar department store will naturally have a few questions regarding DShop and the unique way it operates.

Below, you’ll find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about DShop.

Frequently Asked Questions about DShop (FAQ)

What is DShop?

DShop is an independent online department store in Australia that sells consumer products across multiple categories. Customers can browse the product range on the website, place an order, and have their order shipped to their chosen address.

Is DShop any good?

DShop is useful when you want to browse a wide range of products online that you would expect to find in a brick and mortar department store. Because ordering is done online and products are shipped direct from local warehouses around Australia, the savings are passed on to customers. DShop has some of the cheapest priced goods in a variety of categories including homewares, pet care, fitness, travel, and more.

Is DShop in Australia?

DShop was first established in Brisbane, Queensland and is an Australian owned and operated company. Orders are shipped all around Australia.

DShop is an Australian business with an Australian-based team. There is an intimate understanding of the Australian market and what customers want and expect from an online department store.

Is DShop real?

DShop is a real online department store that provides expedited shipping to customers around Australia. It can be hard to believe that DShop is real when there are so many great deals to find on the website, but people are ordering fantastic products every day and enjoying the convenience of having them delivered.

Is DShop secure?

DShop provides a secure online shopping experience that accepts all major payment methods, including Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal. The website does not store credit card information, so users are protected from data breaches.

Is DShop 24/7?

Yes. Since the store is online, DShop operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I use Afterpay on DShop?

Yes. DShop allows for users to use Afterpay and Zip. Users can order products straight away and pay for them later.

Can I track my order with DShop?

Yes. Customers can track their order on their DShop account after they log in.

How does DShop keep prices low?

DShop has low prices due to a working relationship with manufacturers. This process bypasses intermediaries and creates a streamlined supply chain, which saves money. These savings are passed on to customers in the form of reduced prices on products.

Because of this, the buying power of DShop has increased over time. The business is able to leverage existing relationships with manufacturers to secure the lowest possible price for customers.

Does DShop have customer support?

DShop has a 24/7 Customer Care support team that helps users with any questions that customers may have about their order. This includes processing returns and refunds, as well as answering any general queries that customers might have.

Customers who have any questions can get in contact with the 24/7 helpdesk.