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Brad Pitt recalls hitting a blunt during the ”Fight Club” premiere

Brad Pitt is looking back to the initial reactions to his 1999 film, “Fight Club”. While one person in the audience straight-up walked own of the screening, he and co-star Edward Norton were making the most out of it.

The actor sat down for an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio on the latest podcast episode of WTF with Marc Maron. The duo was looking back to the early days of their careers when Pitt recalled one memorable instance from the world premiere of Fight Club at the 1999 Venice Film Festival. At the time, the David Fincher-helmed film evoked mixed reactions from its audience.

“For some reason, we thought it would be a good idea to smoke a joint before,” Pitt admitted referring to Norton. He then recalled how he was seated next to the director of the festival at the time and not being able to contain their laughter while they were stoned.

“The movie starts, the first joke comes up, and it’s crickets; it’s dead silence. Another joke, and it’s just dead silent … this thing is just not translating at all,” the actor said. “The more it happened, the funnier it got to Edward and I. So we just start laughing.”

He then remembers how one audience member got up and left the theatre after hearing Helena Bonham Carter’s line from the film. Her character — Marla Singer — says ‘I haven’t been f—ed like that since grade school’ prompting the man to leave.

“He doesn’t say a word, he just gets up and leaves, which makes us laugh even more,” says Pitt.