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Best dishes to try at a Vietnamese restaurant

Vietnamese is one of the most delicious cuisines found in the world. Their unique flavours that combine the beautiful freshness of other Asian cuisines with a richer, French influence creates a mouthful of heaven.

The different flavours from the North to the South also add great variety to the dishes that noticeable change as you move up or down the nation. Finding the right dishes to try at any Vietnamese restaurant is often hard because all of the choices are so tasty.

Many of Vietnam’s street food have now made it all over the world and are certainly a success for many. Their simple take on fresh ingredients and added spices makes it a good fit for everyone. The best part about it all is that it is often super cheap and affordable whilst maintaining great quality.

Below are some of the more famous dishes coming out of Vietnam. Some are suitable for sharing whilst other should be indulged solo.

Banh Mi

Beginning with a, likely, well-known classic, the banh mi, or Vietnamese roll as it is sometimes referred to, is always a safe option. Filled with deliciously fresh vegetables, pate, mayo and a choice of meat it’s hard to go wrong here.

Goi cuon

Another dish that has made its way around the world is the famous rice paper rolls. Goi cuon is filled with lots of greens and either minced pork or shrimp. There are also a slightly sweeter version in some places filled with barbequed pork and green banana.

Bun cha

This is a more traditional street food in Vietnam but can be found in many Vietnamese restaurants. Essentially a mini hamburger, the pork patty is barbequed and sat on a bed of cold rice noodles amongst greens and a sweeter sauce.


This is primarily a breakfast dish in Vietnam but can be eaten at any time of the day. It is classified as the country’s national dish and is very simple but extremely tasty. It consists of a chicken or beef broth and is then filled with rice noodles, coriander, spring onions and chicken, beef or pork.

Banh xeo

These are often a ‘make your own’ type dish where customer put together their own pancake. The large pancake is made up of egg, bean sprouts and shrimp that is then wrapped up in rice paper with green vegetables. It is usually dipped in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Mi quang

This is a really simple dish but one that certainly hits the taste buds well. It consists of noodles and meat but is spiced up with fresh leaves and mint, egg, peanuts and flavoured oils.

Cao lau

Straight out of Hoi An, this central Vietnamese dish is a richer dish than the traditional taste. It is made up of noodles and fresh leaves before a soup of bean sprouts, mint and star anise is poured on. Topped with thin and crispy pork as well as rice-flour crackers, this dish is an absolute delight.

Cha ca

One of the better known seafood dishes, this is a simple and tasty dish. The fish is fried in butter and dill and then topped with flavoursome vegetables like bean sprouts, rice noodles and peanuts. It is very basic but full of flavour.

Com tam

This is probably one of the more basic dishes coming out of Vietnam but is nevertheless valued for its simplicity. A good piece of barbequed pork or beef is served on a bed of rice with egg and vegetables. This dish often doesn’t have a specific sauce but it left up to those indulging to add their desired sauces and toppings.